2 This man Successfully changed Mushrooms to Business Furniture

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Eben Bayer and Gavin McIntyre Successfully develop furniture business of the fungus. In fact, both entered the list of world’s richest man according to Forbes magazine.

changed Mushrooms to Business Furniture

Business is named after this Ecovative, producing alternative materials instead of plastic and Styrofoam by using mushrooms.

Currently, such alternative materials used Bayer and McIntyre for the furniture business, which managed to deliver two of them entered the list of richest people in the world according to Forbes.

Bayer and McIntyre initially started the business of college project. In 2006, a mechanical engineering student is assigned to find solutions to various problems in the world, and even make a business out of the idea.

Bayer and McIntyre at that time interested in the idea mushroom into substitute materials for plastic and Styrofoam.

“We’re trying to find alternative materials for plastics and resins, which pollute our planet,” said McIntyre.

Mushrooms itself they consider to be the best alternative. Mushrooms can be recycled naturally, and do not pollute the environment. “We actually have career opportunities and scholarships to be an architect,” says Bayer.

But he refused it, and set up business with his friend, McIntyre.

At the beginning of the business, the two men admitted they had trouble finding investors on their businesses. Investors generally do not understand and have never heard of mushrooms as a substitute for plastic.

“Our goal is actually: We want to make mushrooms as items that can be useful in people’s houses,” said Bayer. “But investors still do not understand,” he added.

Having not managed to get investors, Ecovative’s founders decided to enter the competition business. Their concept won in several competitions, one of which Postcode Lottery Green Challenge that gives a prize of US $ 750,000.

Several years have passed, Ecovative more advanced, and this year Bayer and McIntyre launched a brand Ecovative Interiors. Its main products are MycoBoard, alternative substitution of wood for furniture. The company reportedly will experience the benefits of millions of dollars at the end of the year.

Important key in conducting business negotiations

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Since the main purpose of a negotiation process is a lucrative deal or Hot Deals! For all parties involved in the negotiations, there are at least four main factors or we call the four keys that must be considered and is owned by the negotiators, or anyone you are involved in the negotiation process.

success own business

TIME or time is the first variable that affects the course of the negotiation process and determine the final outcome of the process. Time here including deadlines are owned by all interested parties in the negotiations.

It is important to remember that time here also means the deadline given by the stakeholders of the subject or matter that is being negotiated, although they are not directly involved in the negotiation process.

Therefore, with regard to the time the negotiators need to know the exact timeline or deadline owned, is also the order and the agenda that would be material to the negotiation process.

If the negotiators are not alert and vigilant with time, it will be at risk of future negotiations pointless having missed deadlines desired by the negotiating partners or stakeholders who have the intent with the outcome of negotiations.

INFORMATION or data information is required in the negotiation process. This is the second key, the second key is important to note that the accuracy of the data that is going to determine the outcome of the negotiations.

Strive primary data you get the most up to date and valid alias must necessarily true. If the primary data can not get it, you can also use secondary data to maximize some information from a variety of media.

However, secondary data has the disadvantage of the low validity aspects and sometimes not up to date.

Secondary data can be considered as well as a preview or entrance beginning to look for primary data or data directly from the source of the parties would negotiate with us.

Bargaining power or the strength of the bargaining positions held by the negotiating partners. The third key I’m sure you are all very familiar, but there is no blame us peel.

Bargaining Power here also included the bargaining power that we have that will determine how bold we will maximize our position in the negotiations.

Bargaining position is said to be one of the key success factors in a process of negotiation resulting bargaining power proved to significantly influence the behavior and attitudes of the negotiating partners.

The most common factor bargaining power was dominant role in the negotiations in a state of war or conflict.

Those who have a strong bargaining position tend to be aggressive over the course of the negotiations as well as the results achieved, as much as possible to seize what is the main goal of winning the negotiation.

In connection with this factor, a negotiator or an absolute negotiating team perform calibration to determine the bargaining power of each party involved in the negotiation process.

Calibration can be done by referring to the second factor, namely to gather and analyze as much information related to the subject and object in the negotiating process.

Knowledge, Skill, Attitude or Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes that should be on every negotiator or those who carry out the negotiation process, often abbreviated as KSA.

In essence KSA is not only used or needed by negotiators however everyone career and entrepreneurship should have a CSA or that they successfully complete.

In our present study did not specifically will be discussed KSA anything that directly influence and impact on the performance of negotiators to produce a Hot Deals! That really Hot!

We will discuss the KSA more comprehensively on the Negotiation Skill, so please be patient we will soon be heading to the study in next week’s issue.

So as a conclusion, Key Negotiation 4 above shall be “held” by anyone with an interest in the process of Negotiation, to run with relatively easily and quickly produce an agreement that benefits all stakeholders.

In addition to that we know and understand Key Success Factor of Hot Deals presumably we should also discuss about the challenges, obstacles and problems are always present during the negotiation process.

It is very crucial that you and your negotiating team that could lead to anticipate as well as the necessary preventive measures, all right up here study Negotiation Skill Series, to meet in the next week’s issue.

6 Reasons Entrepreneurs Sell Company

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Buying and selling is a common thing in the world economy. Not only for the sale and purchase transactions of products, but also includes the sale and purchase of business (enterprise). With a variety of factors and reasons, many businessmen who once struggled to build a business empire finally willing to give up his business changed hands to the other party. What makes them sell their business? Here are six reasons that usually influence their decisions:


1. Tempted Bids Interesting

Who would not be tempted to get some fresh funds are abundant and exceed expectations. Many entrepreneurs who have bothered to build a business from zero finally willing to give up his business into the hands of others as offered at a fantastic price. Large bid indicates that the business is at peak periods. In order not to feel separate from the company that has built a long time ago, the businessmen who sell these efforts usually do a deal with a buyer or investor to remain working in a company that never had them.

2. Finding Other Potential Business Sector

The development of the world, as technology advances, business innovation, the monetary situation, the political situation and so forth today are also making changes to various aspects of the economy. That eventually led to potential diversified business. The businessman who saw the economic dynamics will certainly always looking for the most business potential loopholes. When they discover the potential of the more promising areas of business, the old business was eventually abandoned or sold.

3. Already Feeling Bored

Many entrepreneurs who sell all assets of the company because they feel tired and bored in the areas of business that he went through the years. There are some who want to retire who want to look for a more challenging business loopholes.

4. Business Not Developing and Dreary

Some businesses sell the business as a business deal with the fact that he chose not to experience a positive development. This is probably because they are not able to do good business innovation, compete, or feel less suited to the type of business that they do. Instead of going to continue to face difficulties or loss, then the option to sell the business is a better choice.

5. The Ideals and Mission Achieved

Every businessman would have ideals and specific mission in building a company. And what he will do after the mission accomplished? There is a relaxing fun enjoying success these ideals, there are trying to maintain his success, and there is also a switch to a mission or other ideals. People who sell their business because they feel their business mission has been accomplished is the people who are hungry for the business world and is seen as a true entrepreneur.

6. Predicted Will Decrease

Another reason that makes an entrepreneur selling business assets is because it is based on the prediction that the business is expected to decline. Maybe they saw the start growing new competitors that would undermine their business, they may also be aware that the economic situation will begin to falter, and other factors that are expected to make their business turnover decreased. Instead of going to deal with the situation, they decided to sell the business.

Take advantage of Google Adwords for the Minim Business Budget

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In the digital age, the Internet is regarded as a primary requirement. This fact prompted many brands and businesses that digitize their efforts to be easily found by potential customers, ranging from the use of social media for promotion, web, up to Google Adwords.


According to Digital Marketing Digital Stategist, different from social media and the web already often heard in the ears of the people, Google Adwords yet so close to the ordinary people in some countries.

In fact, Google Adwords is one of the most effective ways of reaching customers online. In addition, the cost is relatively cheap because it can be tailored to the budget of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Do ads work offered is very simple, namely by using keywords (keywords). When potential customers search for information about a particular product or service through Google, the search results will show ads that are related to the search. By doing so, people find these ads is the one who really was looking for information about a particular product or service, so it is likely to buy even bigger.

Here are some of the advantages that can be obtained with Google Adwords:

1. Target Based on Location

This feature allows advertisers to choose where ads you want to display so that ads do not appear on a location that is not necessary. It is very helpful in improving performance and saving your ad budget.

2. Measurable Results

Different from the traditional way of advertising, with Google Adwords, advertisers can measure the level of success of the ad. Various detail was displayed, ranging from the number of impressions and clicks you get.

3. Effective Price

One major advantage is cost effective Adwords. Cost required to advertise with Google Adwords is very varied depending on the budget that is owned by the advertiser. Advertisers can specify the price you want to pay for each of the results obtained. In fact, with the help of experts in the field of Adwords campaigns can be optimized so that the cost per click may decrease over time. Advertisers can increase traffic without increasing budget.

4. Budget Controlled

In addition to low prices, with Google Adwords, advertisers can also monitor how every cent spent and what was obtained from the budget. For example telephone number of potential customers, how many people saw the ad, the number of clicks on the web, and so on.

5. Ranked First on Google Search Page

As many as 92 percent of Google users never click on more than the first 10 pages. This makes many entrepreneurs vying to get a spot on the first page. Unfortunately, get a spot on the first page of Google search without advertising can take many months. However, with Google Adwords, advertisers can instantly get a spot on the first page.

5 Tricks to be a successful career woman

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Many women who now works not only be a housewife. Not inferior to men, women are now too many have chosen to play an active role to help sustain the family by working. Some women are able to up the career ladder important positions in the company.

successful career woman

However, a woman who works sometimes have to be able to balance her role as a housekeeper when working. This is often difficult for a lot of career women.

1. Know ability

In addition to work, a woman also has a great responsibility to take care of the family and household. Therefore he must also know to what extent the abilities they possess. Will know own abilities will also make it easier to set up a job there.

2. Find a position that is capable accommodate needs

Many positions in the office, each of these positions have the kind of their respective duties. It would be better if a career woman can find a position that suits your needs and abilities they possess. That way he will not be stuck with a job that takes up so much time.

3. Talk with spouse

The decision to become a career woman is a big decision. Don’t forget to communicate with your partner. Of spousal support can make the job easier.

4. Communicate with the boss

Do not forget to communicate this with your boss. Occasionally, there are some business at home you have to do so interfere with work in the office. Through good communication, you also will be able to organize the best solution.

5. Don’t rush drill positions rise

The number of matters to do can make time owned by a woman’s career becomes denser. Seeing this situation, it would be better if you do not over-exert yourself to target the increase of job positions.

Choosing Your Manufacturing Partner

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An entrepreneur who has a great idea for a product needs a manufacturing partner to help bring that product to life. The process of moving a product from the drawing board to retail shelves requires a cooperative effort by a wide range of professionals. When an entrepreneur sets out to find a manufacturing partner, there are some business elements the manufacturer needs to have in place for the partnership to work.


Custom Services Are Essential

Finding a manufacturing partner who has the equipment and know-how to do custom machining work is not easy, but it is essential to the success of your venture. These days, custom work is done through computers and lasers. If your manufacturing partner cannot satisfy this requirement, then your production options become very limited.

Design Experts Onsite

Most entrepreneurs create comprehensive drawings that help guide the work that their manufacturing partners will do. But even the most comprehensive drawings can have errors that could cause serious issues with production. A good manufacturing partner has design experts onsite who can review drawings and create the right manufacturing processes.

The Proper Production Capacity

A good entrepreneur develops production estimates that their manufacturing partner can use to maintain the proper production capacity. When looking for a manufacturing partner, it is important to make sure that your partner has the capacity to get your product started, and handle the increase in demand when your product starts to take off. It could be costly to have to change manufacturing partners as your product starts to become popular.


Your entire business relies on getting finished product from your manufacturing partner on a set schedule. Before signing up with any production partner, it is important to do some research and make sure that the partner you are considering has a reputation for meeting deadlines and being reliable.

Some of the most influential products in the history of business were created by entrepreneurs who had an idea that they wanted to turn into a business. The key to making any business dream come true is to find the right partner for your needs. When it comes to manufacturing partners, you need to be sure that the one you choose has the experience and equipment necessary to get your product out to your customers as quickly as possible.