The Future of Digital Marketing

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There is no longer a question of whether you should use digital marketing platforms; the question now is how do the realities of modern business change the portioning of your overall marketing budget.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a catchall that encompasses all types of electronic media, including Internet advertising, mobile website marketing and digital signs or billboards. Internet marketing is a subset of digital marketing, and it has the broadest range of advertising venues, including:

  1. SEO optimization
  2. Social media platforms
  3. Web sites
  4. Email marketing campaigns
  5. Banner placement
  6. Mobile marketing

Of these marketing platforms, mobile marketing is the fastest growing, in both use and development. In 2014, mobile marketing grew six times faster than traditional Internet marketing, a trend that is expected to continue as the technology evolves and more businesses and consumers make the switch to commerce on the go. Where web designers and companies focused on catering to a quality web experience in the past, they are now focusing on mobile marketing stability and cross-platform intergration by addressing the logistical and visual problems associated with mobile use from a user and developer standpoint. This has led to a three-fold trend of offering a better moible experience for consumers, a shift in marketing to emphasize mobile content over static content and adopting better and safer methods of processing online financial transactions.

How This Affects Your Marketing Budget

No matter how how trends like digital marketing and business globalization evolve, the principles of budget development remain the same: taking your available advertising dollar and allocating it to maximize your ROI.

In electronic marketing, two factors decide budeget allocation: your overall web traffic and the type of business (i.e., whether you have a brick-and-mortar store that uses e-marketing as a suppliment to traditonal marketing, or you have an eCommerce-only website). Budgeting itself should be considered in terms of short-term and long-term planning. Obviously, short-term planning pays more immediate dividends in terms of ROI, but long range marketing requires more foresight in planning and patience while waiting to see results.

A good formula for budget allocation is 30-20-40, which is the maximum percentage of money devoted to the three main components of electronic marketing: SEO optimization, social media marketing and SEM. The type of business you own dictates, in part, which of these platforms will work best for your business. For example, tangible products and niche services are best served by social media exposure in the beginning.

Flexibility is essential to the success of digital marketing expendures. Analyze data and customer feedback regularly to see what’s working and where your efforts are inneffective, and retool your strategy accordingly.

Whenever there’s a new marketing trend, it’s tempting to jump on the bandwagon and put all of your efforts into one platform. However, smart marketing requires intelligent and ongoing analysis and a plan that’s encompasses all marketing media, yet is flexible enough to be altered as circumstances require, without a major expenditure of money or time.

Recording Time For Work

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If you own a business, then you know how important it is for employees to be honest about how many hours they put in while at work. You could trust employees to write down the hours on a piece of paper, and while some might be truthful, there are some who might try to get more hours from the company. Another option is employee time clocks. There are a few reasons why the time clock is ideal for tracking hours, and there are a couple different methods that can be used.

employee time clock

One of the benefits of using a time clock while at a business is that you can better record the hours that employees work. Each employee is given a card. When the employee arrives at work, the card is punched. If it’s an electronic system, then the card is swiped through a machine. The electronic system is often better at keeping track of hours as well as when breaks are scheduled to be taken. Any system will depend on the honesty of employees as they would need to either punch a card or swipe one through the system, but it prevents workers from being dishonest as they wouldn’t be able to add hours after leaving work.

If an employee is supposed to be at work and isn’t there, then the clock will let managers know by showing that the hours weren’t recorded. There’s no way to get around not showing up for work as employees won’t be able to get someone to write down hours for another worker. When all of the hours are recorded properly, it makes processing the payroll easier and faster. At the end of the week, office personnel will simply pull the hours that have been recorded and use those hours to complete paychecks. If there are any discrepancies, then the office staff can show the hours to the worker.

4 Tips for Success to Become a Reseller Drop shipping

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Reseller activity is indeed emerging-proliferation. Development and growth of online businesses suspected to be the cause of the rise of this system of resale. With considerable advantage, they did not hesitate to buy a product from a distributor for resale to consumers.

Drop Shipping

Huge profits they can because the price charged by the distributor on a different reseller consumer prices. So the price difference will be an advantage reseller.

If you do not have enough capital, you can ask yourself as a Drop shipping reseller (dropshipper). By becoming a reseller Drop shipping, you are hardly going to spend capital, because you only need skills to sell products. Drop shipping resellers here does not sell goods in physical form, but he sells the information on the product.

Therefore, a dropship resellers require a photo and a few pieces of information about the products that will be used as a means of explanation to the consumer. Things like stock items, packing and shipping, dropshipper not need to worry, because everything will be done by the distributors or suppliers.

Although it might seem easy, and profitable, but be a Drop shipping reseller also has some disadvantages such as not knowing and have no control on the stock status of goods, the good name of the big betting on consumers as well as discounts on the price of goods for resellers who do not own stock. So to overcome some of these problems and weaknesses, a Drop shipping resellers can apply the following tips:

1. Always Establish Good Communication With Distributor

Communication is a key factor to make you successful Drop shipping reseller (dropshipper). Diverse problems facing the dropshipper is mostly from poor communication with the distributor himself. So to fix this, you need to always establish good communication with vendors or distributors of your products.

With communication is always good, it will bring high confidence on the part of distributors in your reseller activities. Conversely, if your communication is bad, then the potential for the emergence of the problem will be even greater. That means your existence as a Drop shipping resellers will be increasingly threatened.

2. Run Marketing With Maximum

As a Drop shipping reseller, your marketing skills will indeed be the most important role. Without the marketing prowess, it is impossible you will be a successful dropshipper. Therefore learn marketing techniques that exist. Update always your marketing ability dealings to generate more sales.

The more sales you can do, then the confidence level of the distributor will be higher and you step into a successful Drop shipping resellers will soon be realized.

3. Find the Right Distributor

Distributor which is a partner or your partner in running the business Drop shipping certainly have an important role as well. Although not easy can distributors can accept Drop shipping resellers, but you still have to take into account the candidate’s reputation distributor which will be your business partner. Therefore look for a distributor who is able to provide service to customers both in terms of convenience, purchases, orders to deliveries.

By getting the right distributor so consumers will be satisfied and the level of your reputation in the eyes of consumers even be increased and you will soon be a candidate for a successful dropship resellers.

4. Give Consumers Sense of Satisfaction Shopping On

Last tips to make you successful dropship reseller is to provide a sense of satisfaction in consumer shopping. Because you can not do much on the stock and the delivery of the goods, but you can provide another factor in customer satisfaction.

One way is to provide a reasonable price and does not burden the consumer. It is no secret that as a reseller you will get a discount of distributors. Although consumers do not know that you are a reseller, but you must remain wise.

As a reseller, you really want a big advantage, but it becomes unnatural if you too give outrageously high prices on consumers at a discount that you can from the distributor.

Another way to create a consumer is shopping satisfaction by providing excellent communication services. Good communications services is valid on many things, such as rapid response or good service consumer complaints.

Two ways to satisfy consumers above to anticipate any time if it turns out there is to know your customers where your distributor. So with a satisfying shopping experience than you even though they know that there are a distributor, they will continue to make a purchase through you.

9 Tips to Effective Promotion Strategies are not You Know

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In marketing the product from a brand, you will need a promotion strategy is right on target. With the right business promotion strategies, you will succeed in your business. Not only that, you will also get the chance to achieve your sales targets and also to gain brand awareness when executed promotional strategy. To achieve all this, see 9 tips from the business promotion strategy.


1. Use of Social Media

Social media has become a must-have things your brand. Through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. You can do a promotional strategy to introduce the brand and also the products you want to be marketed to the users of social media. By using social media, then the approach would you do to become more personal and also become ‘closer’ to the target market.

2. Hold Contest

Who does not love a winner? Of course, everyone likes to win something. Therefore, it becomes one of the organizers of the contest or to sponsor one contest that is being planned is a good idea promotional strategies. By displaying your logo on the contest or the competition, then you will promote a brand that will be known by the participants.

3. Record Customers / Target Market

Collect customer data is an activity that we recommend. At the time of product introduction or the sale takes place, make sure you get the customer data according to your needs so that it will be useful for the promotion strategy and plan the next company.

4. Provide Incentives for Each Recommendation

Give incentives to your loyal customers who give recommendations to other potential customers to use the products of your brand marketed. Incentives can be given in different forms, such as discount coupons, a sum of money, or your own products. In this way, your loyal customers will continue to use and more passion to recommend your products. It was certainly one of the promotional strategy sharpshooter!

5. Place the product in the Right Place

Good product placement is the placement of the product in store that can add sales figures. You can only move your product to be placed between the two types of other products that are complementary to the type of product you are selling. You also can put your products marketed at the end of the alley shop so easy to find. By utilizing the product in terms of store layout, this would be a powerful promotion strategy, is not it?

6. Perform Charitable / CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

One other promotional strategy is to show a sense of caring brand to issues around community / target market commonly shown through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) while promoting a brand or specific product you want to promote. With this activity, you will get a brand label well liked by the public.

7. Use Promotional Products

In carrying out promotional strategy, you should use promotional items (such as T-shirts, calendars and other merchandise) that have been awarded the label in the form of the logo of your brand so that when the promotional items used by someone, then the item has been reminding people around to use the products of the brand. You can order promotional products in

8. Arrange Appreciating Events for Customers

Held events for loyal customers products that will promote. Prepare an interesting event, many prizes and without any stand to sell and without having to force the participants to buy anything at the event. With the promotional strategy through such events, the loyalty of the participants of the event will grow and so does the pleasure of customers with your brand.

9. Perform Buyer Survey after sales

To improve the quality of the products marketed and services, so it’s good for you to do a survey on each customer after the sale. You can do it on the spot, by phone or via email. With this survey shaped promotional strategy easier for customers to deliver both compliments and complaints about products that are used / consumed.

4 Tips for Effective Boston Business Travel

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Traveling to Boston for business is always exciting. You never know just what types of fun events will await you when you head out on your trip. However, it helps to have a good idea of what makes a business trip a success before you head out.

hotels in boston

Know What Type of Hotel Experience You Want

One of the best things about business travel is the range of hotels that you can choose from. Hotels in Boston offer everything from first-class luxury hotels for executives to hip boutique hotels with a unique experience. You will want to choose the type of hotel that gives you the exact type of experience you’re looking for while traveling. Amenities are also essential, such as amenities that help you to stay productive when you are away from your office.

What Will You Do in Your Downtime?

There are exciting activities to do in Boston at all times, but some hotels offer easier access to the most popular attractions than others do. You will also want to consider how close the hotel might be to the trolley or other public transit stops. Even though you will have few or no problems getting around by rental car, it helps if you know how you will get to the places that you want to see. If possible, you may wish to choose a hotel that can help coordinate trips to local attractions.

The Local Restaurant Scene

When you eat out in a place like Boston, you will soon find that the number of places that you can visit for great food is huge. Some of the most convenient options are located inside the city’s top hotels. However, completely local restaurants and local chains provide a distinctive culinary experience that you won’t forget. Keep the quality local restaurants in mind when you are arranging meetings over lunch or dinner.

Selecting Boston hotels for business travel purposes is an easy task. You will find that it is more necessary to narrow down choices than to try to find choices to begin with. When you choose the right hotel, you will see the benefits of having made the right choice very easily.

IT Support Can Assist Your Business in Keeping Afloat

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If you are interested in keeping your business operational, then you need to place an emphasis on IT support. You cannot work in the world of business today without stressing the significance of using technological aids to assist your efforts in collaboration between departments and getting the best return on your investment. When you depend on an IT support provider, you have the power to coordinate many activities online and in-house on the computer.

it-support and management

What an IT Support Provider Can Feature

For example, Manchester IT support includes monitoring and management in the form of managed services in the local area as well as around the world. These services can include antivirus management, Windows and third-party patch management, backup management of files, service tracking and maintenance, and Window and antivirus updates.

Disaster Relief – A Management Preventative

Management and monitoring of your computer also include disaster recovery, web hosting and domain management, licensing and subscription management and e-mail hosting Spam management of e-mail is a routine offering as well.

As you can see when you rely on management and monitoring in and of itself, you have greater latitude and control. That is because network outages can cost an organization hours in production, let alone countless dollars spent. Therefore, using IT support and network monitoring and management makes it possible to scan and correct any computer problems before a shutdown results. Monitoring and patching is done from a remote operations centre. Use an IT support form to immediately respond to any network problems that may arise.

Helpdesk Assistance

Helpdesk coverage is also part of IT support services, whether your company is a small start-up or SME. With help desk coverage, your company has access to such benefits as remote desktop support, spyware and virus protection in removal. Set-up and establishment of new computerised systems, end-user troubleshooting, desktop and laptop hardware, data recovery and transfers and software installation. The help desk feature also offers technology upgrades.

If your business is designed to run 24/7, you should not expect less from your technology systems and support. The helpdesk feature can be accessed via chat, email or phone, all which can address a number of technological issues remotely and on the premises.

What is important to you when it comes to IT support? Generally, if you want to maintain functionality for your computer and business, you want to look toward support that offers both management and monitoring services and helpdesk support activities. Do all you can to conduct business in the cloud. Managing virtually is the best way to see where your business is headed and to track your departmental goals and the objectives established within your company as well as outside its doors.

When you make sure you have the proper IT assistance, you can go a long way in establishing g your business address and reputation. Don’t use one or two staff members for IT purposes. Rely on an IT management company to give you the impetus needed to establish a number of online businesses.