Entrepreneur Should Have Four Pillars of Business

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businesss partnerIn business an entrepreneur should have four pillars of the business. Among them, an idea or business idea, business vision, preparation and follow-up.

The reason, many people succeed in business because they have creative ideas. However, entrepreneurship is not enough only to the extent the idea alone, but must be accompanied by a vision or dream to fight for the idea, continued preparation.

After that new businesses to take action. Without action there will be no change in the business. So the four components that must go hand in hand in order to run an effective business.

Not only that, the choice of business shall be in accordance with the call of the soul so that businesses can enjoy the business. Businesses must find a business that stirs the soul and to be special with the business so that they can enjoy and work hard. Thus, when businesses lose their permanent live happily

In addition to the above factors, other things that need to be built in business is the strategy. As a businessman, you must be optimistic that you can, and know something how to generate profits from permanent establishment.

The main issue for the plunge in business one mental barriers. Indicators of barriers that include because someone felt had taken refuge in a comfortable zone, feel creative, low commitment, and not focus on running the business.

Want to Be Entrepreneurs? Try This Method

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entrepreneurIf you are tired of being employees and preparing to be a businessman, then there is some advice from the magazine “Nation’s Business” which apparently needs to be listened to.

First, plan your salary and expenses for the next one to two years, then raise your estimate of about 50 percent.

Secondly, it is important to sell information – especially about your expertise – rather than a wide range of products. The cost of selling information is fairly inexpensive and more profitable. While products require tangible assets such as warehouses and distribution systems are usually quite expensive.

Third, start with a small amount of money and try to make money fast. Go to a place that you believe consumers will pay whatever you are selling.

Fourth, choose partners carefully. Make sure they are in line with your expertise, and no attitude or their background that could ruin your business.

Fifth, talk to other successful entrepreneurs, both inside and outside your field. Ask the five most important things they want to do differently.

Unlike the leader of the Manager

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presentationsLeadership and management require different views and skills. Leaders must distinguish well between the two and decide combined leadership and management skills required Which in their roles.

The company also needs a leader and manager on many different levels: colleagues anywhere, at any level in the company, may be appointed as a project leader or movement.

Harvard Business School professor and author who often carries the theme of leadership, John Kotter, found at the time struggling with the management of a process improvement that has been there, get rid of diversity and risk, is always associated with a change in leadership, which certainly can not leave the risk of involvement in it. People can ‘set’ in such a way to perform routine tasks and important, but they will need the inspiration to start a new path that is different with an uncertain outcome.

As Kotter said, “Because they are believed to produce the expected output is constant, managerial processes as much as possible should be close to the level of risk-free and safe from failure. In turn this means that they can not rely on things that are unusual or difficult to obtain — Leadership is different. Grabbing a big vision despite the obstacles are always there always needs some burst of energy that can only be given by the inspirational and motivational. These processes enhance their effect in providing energy, not by forcing people in the right direction, as was done by a control mechanism, but by satisfying basic human needs for achievement, a sense of belonging, recognition, self-esteem, a sense of control over their own lives , and realize one’s ideals. These processes are so deep and strong in our touching and evocative response so strong.

Kotter expressed the opinion that it is important that different situations will require a combination of leadership and management is different. He continued, joint leaders and managers needed during the passage of a company. A company with strong leadership and management of a faltering can easily run out of control despite having a strong group culture and a high level of inspiration. Many new companies do not understand the reason ini.Sebaliknya a strong company in sis and weak management in the leadership may be able to pass the changes, but usually have a poor outcome.

Management and leadership are two very different things. Management aims to organize a process that is well established and managed as efficiently as possible, get rid of diversity and risk. Management of people tend to have the same approach, with a system of rewards and punishments. Leadership with regard to changes to reach a new long-term vision for the company. Leadership always can not leave the engagement risk.

The leader must inspire his colleagues to adhere to this process. Equitable remuneration for the success or failure may not make the colleagues to perform program changes. Colleagues will need to be motivated by one or more driving to work at an emotional level as a sense of need achievement, pride and ownership. Leaders must be aware of the difference between leadership and management in their role and encourage senior colleagues to become a leader and a manager, using leadership skills, as required in addition to the usual management skills.

These 5 Things That Make You Never Succeed

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business successDreams of being a successful and happy life into the public’s mind the expectations of almost the entire world. Unfortunately, that dream will never come true if you are still frequently make mistakes that lead to failure. As quoted by Forbes, Monday (03/03/2014), a lot of bad habits that unwittingly lead you to failure. Yet when do you intend to achieve success.

Some mistakes are made often it has been common for most people. Here are five things that can make you never succeed:

1. Feeling myself have worked hard

You feel has become a hard worker ?. Remember, hard work does not depend on how much you spend on a job dedication. The rigors of working one’s way it can be seen how productive he was and not how long he spent in the office. Sometimes, many people felt it was working hard, but not as less efficiently manage time that ultimately have a negative impact on productivity.

2. Easy to surrender

Employers who actually always work hard and never give up. The successful candidate selal entrepreneurs continue to work, keep trying and thinking to make new breakthroughs and out of the problems that exist.

3. Like procrastination

Many people just imagine the advantage when doing business or work. But every successful entrepreneur knows how to build a solid business foundation and sustainable. Do not delay your job and check back seven different personal life.

4. Not willing to take the risk

Fear of failure face facing everyone in business or career. But remember, no awards and achieved good things for granted without risk. Moreover, risk-taking is part of success. Many people experience many failures before finally rising to build success.

5. Removing the various opportunities that exist

Risk-taking alone is not enough. As an employer or employee, you have to be sharp and sensitive to see the opportunities that exist. But that does not mean you always say yes to anyone. Choose where the best opportunities for you.

Principles of Successful Women The Millionaires enviable

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business networkSpeaking of billionaire, Bill Gates figure or Mark Zuckerberg would immediately float in your mind. Rarely,  names of women in society’s mind when talking about millionaires.

In fact, there are 172 women who managed to register his name as the world’s richest people. Although not significant, but the number of women millionaires has increased by 25% since last year.

So far, the women have shown that he is not less than men. Women are also able to compete for the same title as the world’s billionaire class.

Here are 3 secrets of female millionaires :

1. You can start from zero

Being rich does not have to be felt since childhood. But the effort and hard work can make you are born with all the economic difficulties of life wallowing in wealth felt when mature.

The billionaire women like Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Blakey and Meg Whitman is a figure who built his business from scratch. One billionaire women who had entered into the ranks of the world’s richest man is Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. He managed to establish the throne of his fortune from zero.

2. Age is not an obstacle to be rich

Never too late or too early to pursue dreams and personal goals. Age is not a barrier to achieving the dream of wealth.

In a series of newly released billionaires Forbes, there is a 24-year-old girl’s name who was asked to become the youngest billionaire in the world, Perenna Kei.

At a very young age, he has held 85% stake in Logan Property Holdings in Hong Kong in December last year. While the father is known to have the rest of the other shares.

3. Women are not less than men

So far, the number of female billionaires in the world is very much hampered by the difference between the total of wealthy men. In the world’s richest people list released by Forbes, there are only 172 of 1,645 billionaires who are women.

Of these, only 32 women who made his fortune from the business that built its own. However, the amount is sufficient symbolize female power among men.

Management Important For Business

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business strategyEvery effort of the smallest require good management to ensure the process of production, distribution, and sales went well. Bad management system will result in the existence of unnecessary costs such as raw materials are wasted, unproductive workers as ineffective supervision and job descriptions are not clear.

In the topic of this problem, this article will provide basic knowledge and important aspects that must be learned by the business prospective entrepreneurs in avoiding the risk management can lead to business failure undertaken. Thus the science of management is an important subject in business management because a little mistake will be fatal in the future.

In addition to knowledge management, human resources (HR) is one key to the success of the business is very important. Many business experts speak, that to start a business we need to recruit the right staff that can potentially compensate for the shortcomings of management. By selecting the appropriate human resources we already \ halfway to success. Here we will discuss how to understand the criteria of a good employee and as needed in business.

Human resource management in general into the employee performance appraisal system so that each employee will feel satisfied with both motivate employees and the general psychology incentive system to optimize performance. With the increased performance of employees will also maximize the performance of the company.

In starting a business, every prospective entrepreneur will generally experience a lot of problems. Many failures occur because of a lack of creativity, leadership, and decision-making is wrong. Creativity is “thinking out of the box” or the ability to analyze problems beyond the understanding of existing and find creative alternative solutions that will greatly assist your efforts to reach the level of success.

Creativity will also help you to customize the products are produced in order to be accepted by the market and also see the opportunities in building the business.

Leadership is very important in making every employee and everyone involved in the business you are working in accordance with the target. You can be a “solution” to all the problems and be a role model.