2 This man Successfully changed Mushrooms to Business Furniture

Eben Bayer and Gavin McIntyre Successfully develop furniture business of the fungus. In fact, both entered the list of world’s richest man according to Forbes magazine.

changed Mushrooms to Business Furniture

Business is named after this Ecovative, producing alternative materials instead of plastic and Styrofoam by using mushrooms.

Currently, such alternative materials used Bayer and McIntyre for the furniture business, which managed to deliver two of them entered the list of richest people in the world according to Forbes.

Bayer and McIntyre initially started the business of college project. In 2006, a mechanical engineering student is assigned to find solutions to various problems in the world, and even make a business out of the idea.

Bayer and McIntyre at that time interested in the idea mushroom into substitute materials for plastic and Styrofoam.

“We’re trying to find alternative materials for plastics and resins, which pollute our planet,” said McIntyre.

Mushrooms itself they consider to be the best alternative. Mushrooms can be recycled naturally, and do not pollute the environment. “We actually have career opportunities and scholarships to be an architect,” says Bayer.

But he refused it, and set up business with his friend, McIntyre.

At the beginning of the business, the two men admitted they had trouble finding investors on their businesses. Investors generally do not understand and have never heard of mushrooms as a substitute for plastic.

“Our goal is actually: We want to make mushrooms as items that can be useful in people’s houses,” said Bayer. “But investors still do not understand,” he added.

Having not managed to get investors, Ecovative’s founders decided to enter the competition business. Their concept won in several competitions, one of which Postcode Lottery Green Challenge that gives a prize of US $ 750,000.

Several years have passed, Ecovative more advanced, and this year Bayer and McIntyre launched a brand Ecovative Interiors. Its main products are MycoBoard, alternative substitution of wood for furniture. The company reportedly will experience the benefits of millions of dollars at the end of the year.