Principles of Successful Women The Millionaires enviable

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business networkSpeaking of billionaire, Bill Gates figure or Mark Zuckerberg would immediately float in your mind. Rarely,  names of women in society’s mind when talking about millionaires.

In fact, there are 172 women who managed to register his name as the world’s richest people. Although not significant, but the number of women millionaires has increased by 25% since last year.

So far, the women have shown that he is not less than men. Women are also able to compete for the same title as the world’s billionaire class.

Here are 3 secrets of female millionaires :

1. You can start from zero

Being rich does not have to be felt since childhood. But the effort and hard work can make you are born with all the economic difficulties of life wallowing in wealth felt when mature.

The billionaire women like Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Blakey and Meg Whitman is a figure who built his business from scratch. One billionaire women who had entered into the ranks of the world’s richest man is Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. He managed to establish the throne of his fortune from zero.

2. Age is not an obstacle to be rich

Never too late or too early to pursue dreams and personal goals. Age is not a barrier to achieving the dream of wealth.

In a series of newly released billionaires Forbes, there is a 24-year-old girl’s name who was asked to become the youngest billionaire in the world, Perenna Kei.

At a very young age, he has held 85% stake in Logan Property Holdings in Hong Kong in December last year. While the father is known to have the rest of the other shares.

3. Women are not less than men

So far, the number of female billionaires in the world is very much hampered by the difference between the total of wealthy men. In the world’s richest people list released by Forbes, there are only 172 of 1,645 billionaires who are women.

Of these, only 32 women who made his fortune from the business that built its own. However, the amount is sufficient symbolize female power among men.

Management Important For Business

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business strategyEvery effort of the smallest require good management to ensure the process of production, distribution, and sales went well. Bad management system will result in the existence of unnecessary costs such as raw materials are wasted, unproductive workers as ineffective supervision and job descriptions are not clear.

In the topic of this problem, this article will provide basic knowledge and important aspects that must be learned by the business prospective entrepreneurs in avoiding the risk management can lead to business failure undertaken. Thus the science of management is an important subject in business management because a little mistake will be fatal in the future.

In addition to knowledge management, human resources (HR) is one key to the success of the business is very important. Many business experts speak, that to start a business we need to recruit the right staff that can potentially compensate for the shortcomings of management. By selecting the appropriate human resources we already \ halfway to success. Here we will discuss how to understand the criteria of a good employee and as needed in business.

Human resource management in general into the employee performance appraisal system so that each employee will feel satisfied with both motivate employees and the general psychology incentive system to optimize performance. With the increased performance of employees will also maximize the performance of the company.

In starting a business, every prospective entrepreneur will generally experience a lot of problems. Many failures occur because of a lack of creativity, leadership, and decision-making is wrong. Creativity is “thinking out of the box” or the ability to analyze problems beyond the understanding of existing and find creative alternative solutions that will greatly assist your efforts to reach the level of success.

Creativity will also help you to customize the products are produced in order to be accepted by the market and also see the opportunities in building the business.

Leadership is very important in making every employee and everyone involved in the business you are working in accordance with the target. You can be a “solution” to all the problems and be a role model.

5 Basic Practice of Leadership

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businesss partnerEveryone is actually worthy of being a leader. However, not everyone is capable of carrying out the mandate which they are responsible. Basically there are five basic exemplary practices in leadership behaviors:

1. Leaders challenge the process

Leaders are always looking for opportunities to change the status quo. They are looking for innovative ways to improve the organization he leads. They experiment and take risks. Because of the risk taken the possibility to make mistakes and fail quite large, the leaders accept the disappointment as a learning opportunity.

2. The leader is able to inspire a vision to others

The leaders believe that they can make a difference. They envision the future, creating ideal and unique image of the organization he leads. Through a strong appearance and quiet leader that will lead others to realize the dream.

3. Leaders enable others to act

Leaders always fostered a spirit of cooperation and team building. They actively involve others. They strengthen others, making each person feel capable and powerful.

4. A leader determine how to achieve goals

They set the values of how employees, partners, and customers should be treated. They create standards of excellence and then set an example for others to follow.

5. Leaders have the courage

The leaders believe they get extraordinary things done in organizations with hard work. To keep alive the hope and determination, the leaders acknowledged that individuals make contributions to climb to the top. And each winning team will be rewarded for their efforts by him. They can make everyone feel like a hero.