Perkash Om Malik: New Media Entrepreneur Founder Page GigaOm

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om_malikAt the age of 48 years, Om Malik Perkash should be proud. Business media sites growing technology and become a factor for the technology enthusiast.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Om Malik, who was born in New Delhi in 1966 was studying at St. Stephens College in 1986. Bachelor of chemistry that instead of being a chemist but then more interested in the world of journalism and authorship. He moved to New York in 1993 to work as a writer in India Abroad and then for economic and business magazine Forbes. Om is also known as a writer for Red Herring, the media focused on the telecommunications sector, and later became a senior writer there.

His first experience as an entrepreneur began by setting up an online site that provides services event for the Indian emigrants. In the same year, he also founded the South Asian Journalists Association (ONLY). In 1995, he helped launch the magazine Masala which was closed today and the site, South Asian news portal. Om has also written for Quick Nikkei News.

In 1997, Om became early on team led by David Churbuck. Two years later, he left to work in the sector venture capital fund managers to work sebagau Hambrecht & Quist in Asia Pacific.Namun, Om only lasted a few months because he realized his calling was to write.

2000 to witness when Om moved to San Francisco, California to write in the magazine Business 2.0.

Achievements and his work as a journalist and entrepreneur was then escorted to establish another attempt in 2001: GigaOmniMedia Inc. The company then expanded rapidly and now covers GigaOM, NewTeeVee, Earth2Tech and WebWorkerDaily. GigaOM managed to build a loyal audience. No fewer than 500,000 visitors from around the world to read the information presented on the blog GigaOM. Not surprisingly, the technology blog was awarded with the title of world’s 50 best blogs by Technorati Rank and become one of the rows of the list of the 100 Most Influential Blogs in the World version of CNET.

Starting mid-2006, Om said he is focusing on GigaOm even though he is still active in other media write seeperti Business 2.0, Web Worker Daily and Tablatronic.

In addition to writing for a living, winner of a gold award from the American Society of Business Publication Editors wrote on his personal blog, where he devotes ideas and his opinions on music, books and life in general.

In addition to writing in the virtual world, the man who had won the Excellence in Journalism 200-2001 also published his book entitled “Broadbandits: Inside the $ 750 Billion Telecom Heist” which was released May 15, 2003.

Understanding How To Trading Stocks

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stockStock transaction is simple, like the traders to trade in traditional markets.

How do I trade stocks?

Stock transaction is simple, like the traders to trade in traditional markets. When buying clothes or vegetables in the market, prices reached an agreement based on the results of the seller and the buyer. In traditional markets, in addition to no merchant or seller, there foreman market take care of the market and of course the location of the buyer.

Similarly, the share of transactions on the trading floor. we know brokers, exchanges and investors. Investors (buyers) do sell or buy shares through a broker through the system on a stock exchange.

With investors who transact?

If in traditional markets, buyers purchase goods from merchants, another case with stock transactions on the exchange. Indeed, investors trade shares with other investors. Investors could be an individual or institutional investors.

Transaction mechanism similar to when we are looking for a house (property) via an agent. If we want to buy a home, the first step is to contact the property agent to do the order with the order type / specification is sought and the range of the purchase price.

Then the broker looking for a list of homes for sale or looking to fellow real estate agent to fulfill the order. Goods sold are items from other investors. Of course, other investors are already giving orders in advance.

The same also applies when transaction stock. Investors who want to buy shares, shall enter an order in advance through a broker, and his order was sought by investors sell orders through a system.

Where is the location of stock transactions?

Actually there are location-stock transaction. But that was then.  That’s where the order meet resulting transaction (done). In the early days of trade exchanges, the order written on the board and when there are met or done noted.

Do we need to go to the venue to transact?

Along with the development of technology, the order in input to server and each broker sent people to enter orders in the terminals. Due to the development of telecommunications and information technology, it is now the order can be sent directly from the server to the broker’s office on the stock exchange trading via remote technology.

What is the difference with the remote trading online trading?

Remote trading is different from trading online. Transaction facilitate remote trading of brokers to the server on the stock exchange. Transactions between brokers done through the exchange system. While online trading broker system which is used by investors to enter order them.

So any customer can enter an order to sell or buy them through the online trading system to the broker server, and orders are passed to the remote system via the stock exchange trading.

How to start a transaction?

To start the transaction, the customer must choose a broker first. This is the same as when we want to save money or deposits in the bank. We must choose a bank first, come there to fill out a form and when it is approved saving us, then we can deal, either to save or withdraw savings.

The same thing happens when I want to start investing in the stock exchange. After selecting a broker, we fill in the account opening form brokerage office (sometimes form can be delivered and picked up). Then open a securities account, we must deposit the initial deposit to be a capital transaction. After that then we can do a securities transaction.

Six Mistakes When Investing

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business strategySuccess is not just about what you do, but also can avoid the big mistake. This also applies to investment.

In the essay Charles Ellis’s The Loser’s Game in 1975 comparing investments with amateur tennis. Using statisk work and theories developed by scientists Simon Ramo, Ellis suggests that rare amateur tennis player won the game with a brilliant shot.

Even 80% of the time, the winner of the match is tenir amateur players make fewer mistakes. So if you are a beginner who wants to increase investment, you should start with the basics.

Here are six of the biggest mistakes investors when investing. If you avoid it, may be an advantage to be gained:

1. Failure to store

If you do not save, you can not invest. Unfortunately, according to the Consumer Federation of America survey, nearly one-third of Americans do not save anything. People who keep not save a lot.

According to central bank data showed the United States (US), The Federal Reserve that the personal savings rate is about 4% -5% for 2013. It’s saving money difficult but important.

2. Do not invest in stocks

Over time, the stock has been a gold mine for investors. However, most Americans do not. According to a survey conducted by Gallup, only 24% of Americans think that stocks and mutual funds are the best long-term investment.

Then the others judge that the best investments are the property reaches 30%, and approximately 24% of people consider gold the best investment.

There is no doubt that the real estate investment can get a good result, but it is derived from rental income instead of appreciation. According to Yale economist Robert Shiller, if home prices after inflation is 0.2% per year. Too many Americans consider their home to be the biggest investment.

According to historical data, buy a bigger house or a house that did not generate rental income does not provide the maximum benefit after inflation. While gold, according to Harvard economist Greg Mankiw, gold is not much better in terms of return.

3. Pay the high costs

Over the long term, high cost has a very damaging effect on investment returns and your wealth. The high costs, especially regarding financial advisor.

4. Frequent stock trading

Trading can also be hazardous to your wealth. Brad Barber and Terrance Odean has been investigating the trading activity for 78 thousand accounts for six years.

During the years 1991-1996, the average annual gain of 17.9% market. They are often trading stocks averaged return of approximately 11.4%. While they are a little trading trading results posted returns of 18.5% per year.

5. Not diversification

When investing do not put all your investments in one basket. It is appropriate common sense. So it makes sense when you have other assets out of stock.

6. Trying to get rich quick

Want to get rich quick is human nature. This leads to large errors in invest. Moreover, if investors buy stocks do not have good fundamentals.

Now it’s six big mistake in investment. If you avoid these six mistakes, you will save in stock investing, holding a long-term investment, and portfolio diversification.