Never Wrong Select Type Gold for Investment

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Gold barAs has been conceived together, gold can be purchased in several types. Among other gold bullion or gold bullion, gold coins and gold jewelry.

Differences of this kind in the future to make a difference in the effectiveness of investments – including the value of gold itself – you do.

So no one chose, refer to the following explanation:

Gold bar

So called because it is shaped like a bar of gold or brick flat. “Levels of gold is 22 karat or 24, or if the percentage referred to the figure of 95% and 99%. This type of gold is the best for investment because wherever you are, whenever you want to sell, its value will be equal to follow international standards applicable price on the day of the sale.

Gold coins

This is one other form of gold bullion. That is, the value and the levels are the same as gold bullion, but already formed into pure gold coins. Because of that, the gold coins are also good for investment.

Gold jewelry

Gold is popular with various types of people, especially women. But it is not good gold jewelry to be used as an investment medium. Therefore, to be able to have distinctive characteristics, gold jewelry requires certain manufacturing services whose costs charged to the buyer. That means besides you buy gold, you also have to pay the cost of manufacture. Not to mention when talking about the model that is not outdated, which may affect the value of gold jewelry.

In order to Keep Your Company Grow

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business partnerCompanies that are not experiencing growth will die. It is an unpleasant reality in the capitalist system, and is very hard for a new company.

Concerns over debt, resource acquisition and retaining clients is a challenge. Not surprisingly, 80% of small businesses fail.

Investment does not give you a guarantee to achieve profits or capital gains back. It would be nice watch for signs of failure early.

If you have time, look for the necessary documents and consult with a financial analyst. If not, keep investing in more established companies and avoid the failure rate of 80 percent

Seeing this, the site warns Entrepreneur five things to consider:

1. Choose a product

A common challenge for any new business to separate themselves from the crowd the market. A company can not provide a quality product when competing with established businesses in the field is very heavy.

See their product catalog to determine whether the company has put the right product. If there are no protruding or unique, either in the region or the market in general, make sure people are already providing it. You should avoid the same investment with companies like that. Because in the end you will more often be disappointed.

2. The company’s vision

To survive, companies need a strong business plan that states the target market, as well as the vision of how the market will be penetrated.

One major issue that is often encountered small companies is their inability to reach out, hold the public’s attention and convince to take advantage of their services or products. Prepare a company planning documents.

3. The growth of the company

A new company in need of accelerated growth. However, the toughest challenge of his life how to survive. The reason is simple, there is no guarantee of loyal customers will be there tomorrow. It is important to find new clients as often as possible.

Ask the company purchasing data and compare it with a list of clients. The company may not have a very bright future if only one or two major clients, and there are no active plans for expansion. Save your money for a brand that understands the importance of many clients.

4. The market situation

Market with dozens, even hundreds of competitors proved to be much more difficult for new companies with limited resources to grow the market and services.

Look for companies that start from a smaller area or have a good product that is patented. If in doubt, check to see if the company has spread. This step is much more successful if there is a market, especially when the competition already exists.

5. Research and budget

Frequently changing market, thanks to changes in public demand and the rate of technological innovation. To be successful, companies must be agile to follow the change, adapt and use it to win the competition.

Then, check the company’s financial statements. Any company that does not pay attention to their advantage towards the preparation of the future will be a loss. Here the research and development budget becomes a very important factor.

Have you Assessing Customer Satisfaction Against Your Business

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customer-loyaltyTips entrepreneurs this time talking about how to assess the level of customer satisfaction. Judging by measuring the level of customer satisfaction is very important to a business or a business, because of the value that we can evaluate the position of our products in the market competition, by knowing the position of our products, then we will be able to compare our products with competitors’ products so that we can improve on product to get high rankings in the market competition.

If we do not do a market evaluation of the possibility we could lose customers, therefore, to retain our customers need to know how customer satisfaction with the products that we sell. According to Kotler and Fandy Tjiptono (2002) we can measure customer satisfaction in the following way:

Through a system of complaints and suggestions

Every company should have a system of complaints and suggestions. It is necessary to give consumers the greatest possible opportunity to provide constructive criticism and suggestions or even the opinion of the consumer. From this we can know how good and bad of our products. And information obtained from consumers can be used as a source of inspiration so that we can create on and more innovative in managing a product. In addition, suggestions and complaints from customers, we can also directly addressing and responding to the source of the problems occurred.

Customer satisfaction survey

Through this survey allows a business to get a direct response from a customer. In this case there are three different

Namely direct measurement performed by a business to its customers as an expression of the question “how satisfied are you with our products?” And you will get very dissatisfied, dissatisfied, neutral, satisfied, and very satisfied.

Derived Dissatisfaction

This question put two things, namely how much the expectations of customers towards the products that we have and secondly how the quality of our business performance perceived by the customer.

Problem Analysis

Customers are expected to reveal two respondents as a key point in this case, the first is the problem – the problem faced related to business products and the second is the advice – advice that is intended for our efforts.

Ghost Shopping

This way by hiring other people who act as competitors ‘customers, in other words ghost shopper will purchase products from our competitors and expose the weaknesses and advantages of our competitors’ products based on experience and purchase the product – the product of urine.

Last Analysis Customer

The method is done by companies who will contact customers to unsubscribe from our efforts, to find some information on the cause cessation of customers. So they can take the next policy to improve business performance and product quality.