Want a Successful Online Business? Choose the Right Office Address

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Currently online sellers appear to look from a poor neighborhood and full of crime, the chances of success of the business will be lower. This is not mere speculation but it can be proven scientifically. Prospective buyers who saw the ad could be less interested, so says a team of researchers from New York University.

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According to researcher Max Besbris also a doctoral student at NYU, the ads show that the online seller is resident in a neighborhood of low income levels receive a lower response than an ad that showed that the online sellers stay in a more affluent neighborhood.

He stressed, “The sellers just play a vital role in the success of their business online as participants in other economic activity that would affect their ability to earn a living.”

Besbris stated that the reason why it could happen probably is “for buyers using the shelter to conclude race, economic status, level of confidence, reliability or type of parts salesman. There are many characteristics associated with individuals based on their place of residence “.

Short-term borrowing – the last 10 years

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For short-term lenders, the last 10 years has been something of a rollercoster. Short-term lenders the world over have had to combat deep unpopularity among policymakers and the public alike, in a situation that is reminiscent of the Mc Donald’s controversy in the 1990s, when so many argued that the food giant should be subject to heavier regulation. In the US and the UK, the short-term lending industry has just come out the other end of a raft of regulation aimed at expressing the deep suspicion some people hold towards short-term lenders.

the money shop

Then and now

In recent years, new types of short-term lending have emerged for example startups like unbolted which allows consumers access to peer to peer lending services. ‘Unbolted.com’ in particular has made waves in the pawnbroking industry, with many agreeing that the new online services available through unbolted and their contemporaries increasing the appeal of pawning items of value to a much wider consumer base.

Lenders like Wonga entered the commercial markets on a high. With short-term lending being something of a novelty for many the cash hungry short-term lending industries cleaned up. Wonga, in particular filled a market niche like no other as not only did it offer this new novelty lending service; it also made the whole process of accessing short-term loans easier and simpler. People, could apply for short-term credit online for the first time and short-term lenders made vast amounts of profit, but the heyday was short-lived as the whole concept of short-term lending came under significant scrutiny from members of the public, policymakers and consumer watchdogs. In recent years, even the Church of England has weighed into the debates surrounding short-term lending.

Consumer groups drew attention to the high interest rates charged on short-term loans, whereas consumers who had had bad experiences of short-term lending relayed tales of how short-term lending left them struggling in debt. Some people made the mistake of taking out short-term loans to repay old short-term loans. The short-term lending industry struggled to get their message out and tried desperately to combat the controversy by arguing that short-term loans, used in moderation and correctly (for emergencies) was a very valuable service, and one that would be filled by loan sharks in their absence.

Continuing regulation

The negative publicity led to a UK-wide crackdown on short-term lending that started in 2013 with the publication of a review by the Office of Fair Trading. Heavy regulation of the short-term credit industry followed and this has seen financial services shops and high street services like The Money Shop go out of business, and major corporate players leaving the UK for pastures new with more sympathetic regulation. The full implications of the UK-wide short-term lending crackdown has yet to be seen, but already experts are suggesting that loan shark activity is beginning to increase.

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International Art Gets A Boost From Corporate Philanthropy

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The ancient tradition of artistry in the Far East of Asia has lately met up against a noble tradition of the West: The tradition of patronage of the arts. This great practice has its roots in the courts of the Emperors and nobles of Greece and Rome, and has continued down through the ages to the modern time.

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While, in most countries, corporate sponsors have taken the place of the aristocrats of yesteryear, the tradition remains a strong and vital one, by means of which great artists continue to be introduced to the wider world.

Patronage Is Not A Thing Of The Past

Many modern day critics and art lovers will scoff at the very notion of patronage, claiming that such a measure compromises the inherent integrity of the artist, as well as the work produced. Such critics fail to take into account the vast expenditure of time, money, and resources that creating the work of art entails.

Under such circumstances, it is simply ideal for the creator to find a patron who will provide them with the resources they need to be able to fashion their great works. In the 21st century, corporate philanthropists, such as Robert Rosenkranz, Bill Gates, and many others have continued the ancient and noble tradition of extending patronage to the arts.

The Rosenkranz Foundation, in particular, has been a great source of funding and encouragement to modern artists of the Far East of Asia. For example, the Chinese writer and artist Mu Xin has received patronage from this august institution. Many similar stories of corporate philanthropy and patronage abound in the modern age.

Preserving Great Art And Ideas For Generations To Come

The simple fact of the matter is that patronage from great corporations and entrepreneurs is a vital source of funding for modern art. Indeed, such patronage helps not only with the inspiration and creation of great art, but also with its preservation for the delight and admiration of generations still to come.

Great works of art not only dazzle and amuse their audience, but also inspire them with the vigor and resolve to create even greater works. Without the reality of patronage behind their creation, the great majority of these works might never exist.

Recognizing The Source Of Great Art In Patronage

The next time you go online and view great works of art, ranging from the immortal frescoes of the Sistine Chapel to the architectural masterpiece that is the Taj Mahal, consider the source of such wonders. Where did the artists get the backing, funding, and resources to make these great visions come to life? If your answer was, “From great patrons”, you were certainly correct.

EquiTrend Rankings Reveal America’s Most Beloved Brands in 2015

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When owners of well-known companies need to check on their brand’s health, they don’t take it to the doctor. Instead, they wait for the Harris Poll EquiTrend Rankings to come out so they can see if they made the list! Check out which brands made it this year and what it means for them.

How It Works

This annual study looks at how well about 1500 brands are doing when it comes to customer engagement. These brands are ranked depending on how they compare to other brands within the same category. The poll takes into account the opinions of about 40,000 US residents who are willing to rank companies on quality, purchase consideration, and familiarity.

Most Popular Brands

Considering that this list is basically a popularity contest from the consumer’s point of view, you have likely heard of most of the top ranked brands. Some of them are no-brainers, with the winner being practically synonymous with the category name. For example, what brand do you think was top ranked in the Single Serve Coffee Maker category? You guessed it: Keurig! What about Warehouse Clubs? Costco won that one.

Other top brands are equally obvious. Target won for the Mass Merchandiser category, while Verizon won best Mobile Network. YouTube overtook Facebook as the winner of the Social Networking Site category. What’s interesting is that the seemingly popular Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram didn’t even make the top five in this category, instead ranking below average.


Aaron Friedman, CC BY 2.0

Other winners of the EquiTrend Rankings are a little harder to guess, maybe because you don’t think about the brands much. For example, if you can’t think of a favorite gas station (and you’re not alone on this!), the fact that Shell Gasoline won Gasoline Brand of the Year might not mean much to you. The same goes for Mobil 1 Motor Oil, Dollar Tree value store, and Levolor Blinds & Shades, each of which won their category.

Another winner that might surprise you is In-N-Out Burger. Now if you live in California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, or Nevada, this might make sense because you’re already aware that the food is pretty tasty. But considering that this eatery is only located in these five states, it’s impressive that it won the Burger Restaurant category in a poll taken nationwide. Make sure to mention that to your friends who claim Five Guys Burgers and Fries is better!

What It All Means

The EquiTrend Rankings are a great tool for giving business owners information on how they’re doing in relation to competitors as seen through the eyes of consumers. This is otherwise known as brand equity, and it undoubtedly has a big impact on the company’s profits. Clearly, the winner of each category has the best brand equity.

According to Harris Interactive, the point of the EquiTrend Rankings is to help each brand with strategizing for its future, especially when it comes to targeting certain consumers. This is because it shows businesses where they fall short and where they are doing well.

Plus, the fact that this poll has been going on for years means it’s possible to observe the trends over time, making it clear to business owners how they are doing compared to past years. Of course, the additional media coverage the winners get doesn’t hurt.

Did your favorite brand make the list? And did any of the winners surprise you?

By Autumn Rivers – Editor, The Marketing Scope
Email: autumn@themarketingscope.com, Twitter: @AutumnEditing

Most Difficult Challenges Faced by Startup

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Starting a new business can be very daunting and very challenging. Over time, the new company also would have encountered a number of challenges. Ranging from hiring the right people, to define the brand, start-up must overcome a number of challenges to achieve success.


It is difficult to generalize download every market because no two countries are exactly the same, although there are some similarities.

The main challenge in some markets, he said, is to convince consumers of the value of the Internet and e-commerce, as well as shifting profits online. In some of the more developed markets, which has many uses digital, there is strong competition for the start-up of more established competitors.


One of the biggest challenges facing start-up is competition, especially in a market dominated by the more famous brand and well-established. The key is to find new markets, which is not yet saturated with various companies with the same product. Because there will always be the brand that offers the same products, think outside the box; be sure to make clear targets and messages specific to distinguish start up.

Recruitment process

Hiring employees to support the effort could be a stressful experience, but this is the most important investment of all start-ups. To find the right talent while remaining within budget is a challenge for all companies, especially those that do not have a name. Building a strong team to nurture and develop young companies is the key to success; remember you put time, money and confidence in the team, this is a worthwhile investment.

Pace with change

With advances in technology and the shift to online, the information was constantly changing. Not only taking care not to fall behind, but trying to be ahead of the competition is a significant challenge for the young company. Moreover, with plans to create a start-up that could go into different markets, each country needs a different approach and individualized strategy determined by market conditions.

Site / Website

Ensure that the product is not left behind by changes in the market is vital. For Internet-based start-up, this means adapting to its website. Is websites development mobile-friendly? Whether it has an interface that is attractive and easy to use? With so many websites, it is very difficult to create the most prominent among the others, but the website is safe and reliable and performs well can attract its own loyal users.

5 Important Aspects of the Business Sign

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Business signs are a proud declaration of a company which is meant to attract customers. From nearby streets, consumers can tell what businesses are located in specific areas just by glancing at the signs. There are several aspects to these items that enhance the interaction with customers and clients that go beyond basic lettering. As the sign is meant to resonate within your target audience, it needs to be developed in a way that optimizes recognition.

business sign


People associated brands with the kinds of colors that are used in the logo. For example, what soda pop comes time mind when you think of the colors red and white? For many people, this imagery stands out even for those that don’t drink soda. Corporate signs should retain the same development of the logo to connect with individuals.

Font Types

When it comes to developing business cards, logos and websites, a specific font can offer a similar recognition as color imagery. Keeping with a certain style of lettering can keep your business separated from similar organizations. From all capital letters to all lower-case, the lettering itself is just as important as the image of the logo.


When it comes to signs on the building, size does matter. You don’t want the sign to be too small to see from the street, but too large may make the object look gaudy and unprofessional.


Some signs have integrated lighting such as neon or built in LED. This makes it convenient to see at night while enhancing the imagery further. The right kind of lighting for your sign can affect how clients and customers interact with the business. Poor lighting may make the sign look thrown together while the perfect lighting could exude a sense of professionalism.


Depending on the purpose of the sign, it’s location can have an artistic appearance while labeling an establishment. One of the more common placements for company signs is installing it near a top corner of the building as opposed to center mass.

While basic lettering can still be helpful when it comes to declaring your business to the general public, combining the same customization you find in a logo can further engage specific people looking for your organization. Humans are a visual species, and imagery can engage people on a deep mental level. It is through imagery that people formulate memories – especially when connecting a business to a product or service.