How to Hold a Networking Event on a Tight Budget

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Hosting a networking event can help to raise your firm’s profile and it gives you the chance to make useful connections with potential customers, suppliers, thought leaders and others. However, if you’re not careful, these gatherings can end up costing your business big. To help you save money on your next networking session, take a look at these simple planning tips.

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Choose the right venue

Firstly, choose the right venue. Depending on the type of event you wish to stage and the space on offer within your premises, you may want to consider hosting the occasion in your own offices. This can dramatically cut your costs. Alternatively, look out for a venue that offers good value for money, and don’t be shy about trying to negotiate a better price with the owners. Your venue may well be your biggest expense, so it’s vital that you do all you can to find the best offer.

Target your spending

Be sure to target your spending into areas that people will actually notice too. For example, rather than splashing out on decorations for entrances and lobbies, save these accessories for the meeting room itself. There is no shortage of low cost presentation equipment available now that can help you to brand these spaces and make them suitable for networking events. Specialist providers like Furniture At Work™ offer display boards that are easy to transport and set up and can be used time and again. The addition of posters and banners can also help to give these rooms a professional look.

Meanwhile, if you’re providing food and drinks, work with chefs or catering companies to come up with enticing menus that are inexpensive to produce. With a little imagination and the right contacts, it’s possible to achieve impressive results without busting your budget in the process.

Use social media to spread the word

For your event to be a success, you’ll need to attract enough interest in it. In the past, this may have required you to shell out for print or radio ads. Now though, you can take advantage of social media to spread the word. This approach is simple and free, and it can be an effective way to reach out to your target audience.

Let sponsors take some of the strain

You may be able to recoup some of your costs through ticket sales, but it’s also important to get sponsors involved. By getting companies to pay for advertising space, you should find it easier to stay within your spending limits. As well as cash, you can work on persuading sponsors to offer resources ‘in kind’. This can work for anything from stationery supplies to goodie bags

By following advice like this, you should find it easier to bring your networking event in on budget.

Four Tips to Maximize Promotion Brochure

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The brochure is one method that is commonly done business promotion. Promotion of this kind can be done by small businesses that have limited promotion funds. Here are tips to maximize your campaign with brochures.

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1. Brochures should be exciting

This point is important because the time used to read the brochure is very short so that the choice of attractive colors, layout and most importantly is accompanied by an offer benefits for people who take action more quickly.

2. Define your target market

Although the cost of making relatively cheap when compared to the brochure other promotional media, but if it is not on target to be the same as throwing money in vain. Before you give out brochures to people, make sure that you have a list of target market along with their characteristics.

3. Spread to the right target market

Perform the distribution of brochures on the right target market, for example in seminars, exhibitions, or spread flyers to housing complexes that fit your target market. Inserts into the newspaper / tabloid also effective.

4. Always do a test and measuring

This is an important point for the successful deployment of your brochure. Always do a test before a massive deployment of well testing on the material brochures, target market and distribution methods. The way the test is quite simple, ask some people who become your target market to see and comment on the brochure that you create. If they are interested in a brochure that you make and want to make a purchase on the spot, then be prepared to disseminate it massively. Once the deployment is done always measure the success of your brochure distribution. If there are less then a correction must be made in order not to repeat the same mistakes.

Four Practical Ways to Make a Business Budget

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Build a successful business in terms of financial of course be hope for everyone. Small business can be run by business people who only have limited capital alone. Often small businesses that initially small becomes very big business. However, not infrequently also small businesses become worse because of operating expenses that they must bear swell.


In order to run a business that can continue to run and develop, here are some tips to make budget business businessperson.

1. Check the industry standard

Businessmen need to really study the industry standards that are run so that it can calculate the percentage of revenue to be allocated as an investment or savings.

Investment, because small businesses have competitors that are very diverse and should continue to grow and innovate.

Savings, because small businesses are particularly vulnerable to industry slump.

2. Create a spreadsheet

Write down every point of your business income and expenses into a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel.

The result businesses can predict whether the total rupiah of revenue could be allocated to the raw material and other costs.

By doing so, you can find out how much budget you can provide when looking for income.

As well as items such as taxes, rent, insurance and so forth.

3. Have the numbers of tolerance

Although you have calculated the revenue growth rate of business you run, or specify expense costs, but still you can not control it.

There is a possibility of several things will miss your estimates.

Therefore, it is important for you to prepare a number of tolerance and ascertain whether the figure is more than enough to make your business survive when hit by unexpected costs.

4. Review your business regularly

When some companies arrange regular annual budget, small business owners actually have to do more frequently than large companies.

For example, within one or two months. Why is that? Because small businesses are more likely unstable.

Some unexpected costs can arise at any time and can damage your cash flow!

Special Strategy Building a Business Online

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Technological developments provide easiness in all aspects, including in the business world. If the first business must have outlets or shops, now only by building a ‘shop’ on the internet you have to do transaction.

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To build an online business or an online store is no special strategy so that customers will browse the products are sold. The following tips.

1. URL Must Pretty

Site Network Solution explains, the URL or website address should be clear and easy to read. Your online address is an important element in the marketing and branding.

2. Secured Transactions Safe

Set up a merchant account so that your online store is safe when processing credit card and other transactions. Make sure you at least a merchant account to accept credit cards labeled with Visa, Master Card and Paypal payment, as well as receive other bank payments.

3. Create Online Store Attractive and Easily Accessible

Online store so that you draw, you should cooperate with a professional web designer. Besides being attractive, your website should also be easy to navigate by the customer.

4. Must Clear Product Image

When people shop online, they certainly want to know everything about the products they buy. Just like shopping at the store, the customer wants to know the quality of the product. BerganBlue site explains, is very important if a clear and detailed picture of the product. The photo quality is determined here. Moreover, upload some photos and take from different angles.

5. Discounts

To attract customers, provide attractive offers, such as giving a discount. Notify if the online store you’re giving out discounts through e-newsletters, Twitter and Facebook as a promotional medium.

7 Main Character Successful Entrepreneur

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The successful entrepreneur is a unique individual. They think, act and live her life in a different way from most people. However it turns out, even if they have the vision and purpose of life are different, they turned out to have properties in common with one another.

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Here are some of the distinguishing features of the most successful entrepreneurs:

1. Mean seriously with what is done

They understand very well the success of businesses owned relies on the hard work they do. Therefore, successful entrepreneurs are willing to sacrifice so much time and energy for the sake of business they have.

2. The consumer oriented

Consumers are at the heart of the business cycle that is being run. Sales gained determines the speed of a company. Aware of this from the outset to make entrepreneurs create consumer-oriented business. Research shows consumers tend to switch if competitors sell products that we did not have good service.

3. Be careful in making decisions

Every decision has its own positive and negative sides. Over time, each of the consequences of such decisions unconsciously form their own stories in our lives. Good businessman would consider every decision he made. Not only of the possible consequences in the can, they also think about the long term effects are caused when the decision was taken.

4. Dare to be different

They are not afraid to make decisions and offers a really different compared to its competitors. This is done because they believe that this great innovation usually comes from the courage to do things different from others

5. Adapting to technological advances

Rapid technological progress makes the existing business is also growing faster. To be able to continue to serve and meet the needs of its customers, successful entrepreneurs constantly renew technology lines they had to support existing business. For instance with complete customer service (customer service) with a live chat feature so that customers can interact directly with the relevant parties.

6. Investing for yourself

Before making someone else has better properties, you should first change yourself first. Successful entrepreneurs do not forget to take the time and money they have for the sake of their investment in the future. It can be educational, leisure or insurance. By doing this they believe have been able to appreciate their lives for the better.

7. Learning continuously

Definitely something new or something else you did not know in this world. Both are essential for successful entrepreneurs. They have a habit to always learn and discover new things that can deliver new innovations for the business is being run.

Why Isn’t My Small Business Booming?

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Oftentimes, small business owners want to see their companies thrive yet find them in a state of disconcerting stagnation. If you’re ready to see your business start booming yet don’t understand why it’s not, it’s important to note that there are likely several factors that are having an adverse effect on your conversion rates and expansion capabilities. Here are three culprits to consider:

fcra violations

1. You Don’t Have A Legal Team.

One of the mistakes many business owners make is failing to hire a legal team. Make sure that you don’t commit this oversight. Having a legal team that you trust available at all times is critically important because you never know when your company will be sued or find the need to seek legal recourse against another individual or business. Since this is the case, make sure that you start looking for a great legal firm if you haven’t done so already. As you start, keep in mind that the professionals of Martin & Bontrager, APC offer contract finance services as well as assistance for FCRA violations. These services can be particularly effective for small business owners who are trying to get their companies growing.

2. You’re Not Marketing Online.

Another mistake that small business owners make as they seek to build their companies is forgetting to market online. In a world where the Internet has become an integral component of daily life for millions of people all over the globe, developing a strong online marketing campaign is oftentimes the key to attaining explosive conversion rates. To ensure that you can start making the absolutely amazing bottom line you want, be sure to hire a team of well-versed online marketing mavens to assist you with your eCommerce platform.

3. You’re Not Investing In Your Employees.

One final oversight small business owners often make when attempting to build their companies is forgetting to invest in their employees. This step is infinitely important because your employees play an integral role in determining your bottom line given the fact that they help complete your daily operations and interact with your prospective customers and loyal clients. Since this is so, you should do all that you can to facilitate and expedite their professional growth and self-actualization. Typically, the easiest way to accomplish this objective is by offering motivational encouragement in the form of public recognition or bonuses and raises.


If you want your small business to start booming, know that you can make it happen. To ensure that your company gets and remains in a cycle of growth and expansion, review this short outline and make sure you’re not committing any of the errors discussed. Once you’ve implemented the advice and instructions found here, you’ll likely find that your small business begins to function with unprecedented power and productivity!