Fundamental differences Steve Jobs and Tim Cook

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Post Steve Jobs passed away last October 2011, the position was occupied by the Apple CEO Tim Cook. During the four years of his leadership, Cook has received various assessments.

steve and tim cook

There are assessing Cook is the right person for cold hands and Jobs has proved able to save Apple’s current financial crisis a few years ago. But there are also those who say that Cook had betrayed Jobs, for example with the introduction of Apple Pencil stylus, an accessory that Jobs hated lifetime.

Regardless of that assessment, Jobs and Cook actually has distinctive character of each, especially in the lead. At least, it was agreed by Charlie Rose, a senior journalist at once hosted 60 Minutes Overtime, the event of CBSNews that a few days ago brought Cook as guest star.

“Steve is a visionary. He has a great sense in marrying humanity with technology. The team, in contrast, is an engineer (engineer),” he explained.

Although already changed skippers, Rose highlighted in Apple body and its staff today, still flowing ‘DNA’ of the main Jobs, the ‘perfectionist’, in addition to the ‘simplicity’ and ‘desire to change the world’.

“You have to believe that the values ​​he had so great. As you know, obsession over perfection still surrounds the people who work with him”.

On the other hand, Cook felt no need to beat Jobs.

“I love Steve. Steve was not my competitors. He chose me and I want to do every thing that I could best as possible, with all the energy I have,” Cook.

Protect Your Customers With Secure Shopping Carts

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Shopping cart systems are a dime a dozen online but very few of them meet the stringent requirements necessary to be secure. Flimsy shopping cart security is a public relations nightmare for any online retailer. If you’re a small online retailer or a new retailer, a single security breach can be the end of your business altogether. Once customers hear that their payment information was compromised, they quickly find another retailer to do business with. That’s why sites like exist in the first place. They’re in the business of keeping your customer’s information safe and sound from hackers.

shopping cart

What they do

Good secure shopping cart programs give you web-based interfaces. You don’t need to download anything to manage the cart. You simple go to the website and login. From there, you can look at orders, reports, and consumer info. This is a simple interface that works best.

If there’s more than one employee in your firm, you want to look for a program that has sub-user accounts. This gives them access to shopping cart access, too. Consumer information is sensitive, so make sure that someone is only able to access shopping cart information with permission.

There are a lot of little ins and outs of shopping carts. For example, you need to have the ability to add coupon codes when you’re running a sale that will automatically calculate the worth of the coupon and then total the order. Order management is important, too. You want to make sure that every order is correct. Abandoned shopping cart information can be just as important as orders that are placed. If someone looks at your site, fills up a cart, and then doesn’t purchase, it’s still handy to have that customer’s information. Why did they fail to buy anything? Is there anything you can do to help them feel comfortable shopping at your store?

Most importantly, customer information must be encrypted and protected with a shopping cart program. Without that extra layer of protection, a security breach is possible and a public relations nightmare could spell the end of even the most successful of online enterprises. No one wants to shop at a place that doesn’t take every possible measure to protect customer information. By protecting your website visitors and customers with a secure shopping cart, you make it easier to manage your orders and consumer base and ultimately protect those valuable customers.

Model Window Glass Houses Determine Aesthetics Home

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Model home window glass you must know if you want to see your dwelling place liveable and beautiful when the eye can see. Window of the house does have a function as ventilation in the house. However, in modern houses, the windows are not only used to ventilate the home, but also enhancing the aesthetics of the home. For that, there’s nothing wrong you know tips on choosing a window for modern minimalist house. If you are still afraid of applying the tips below for selecting the window of your home, you can visit the website of commercial glass replacement in San Francisco to help you get the best glass to your liking.

glass window

Tips on Choosing Window Glass Houses

The current model of the window there are a variety of options, so that you as a homeowner can choose the model window in accordance with the needs and the concept of home. At least there are some models of windows that you can plug in the house.

Furthermore, you also must select the right window for your home. Glass windows that offer would not only clear, but also the black window glass or even much like a mirror. If you want to impress loose in the room, there’s no harm you choose glass window as a mirror or thread. So, the thing you have to do after choosing a model home window glass, you must determine the color of the glass windows of the house.

In addition to the above, you must also specify the material glass. If you want a cheap window, you can choose a window of aluminum, but if you put the beauty, you can choose from wooden window. Lastly, the size of the window is also noteworthy because if the size does not fit the concept of your house, then it would diminish the beauty of the house.

Business Getting Complicated? Tips to Simplify Your Work Life

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Business can get very difficult as you start to expand, and while more employees, locations and responsibilities means more money in the bank – at least if everything goes well – it can also mean a lot more headaches. That’s especially true for small business owners who never really expected to expand beyond a small business.

it-support and management

While you can’t avoid complications altogether, there are some things you can do to make your business life a whole lot simpler. Use this guide to make sure you’re doing everything right and managing your business appropriately.

Hire Help

One of the hardest things about running a small business that is expanding is knowing when you really need to hire some help. The fact is that by the time you’re feeling like you’re spread too thin it’s probably already too late. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get help even at that point though!

To really do things the right way, try to get some help for yourself before you’re feeling overworked. If you’re planning an expansion of your business, hire somebody on as soon as you put those plans in motion for real.

You don’t have to hire a full-time employee you’re going to pay $100,000 year, either. Even part time people can help a great deal, and somebody to do things like answer the phone or file paperwork can make your life a whole lot easier.

Hiring help can also mean you have more time to do the important things like getting customers and keeping existing clients happy. Those responsibilities are really what impact your bottom line anyway.

Use Facility Management Services

If you have more than one location as part of your business, the most difficult thing can often be taking care of both of them. After all, you can’t be in two different locations at once, and going back and forth really isn’t the most efficient method out there.

Instead of driving all over the city each and every day – if that’s even an option – you should consider hiring an integrated facility management company. They’ll be able to set up systems so you can work efficiently from one location while making sure everything is going smoothly at more than one.

They will also be able to help you figure out if you need additional employees and how you can best structure running two locations for maximum efficiency.

How to Reduce Work Hours When Holidays

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Vacation time will arrive. Whether you choose to spend it by going with family or just resting at home, vacation time is certainly the right time for you to unwind from the busy world of work. However, often the affairs of this work still bother you. Email should be repaid or work that must be completed by the deadline, you should still make the ready in front of a laptop screen.

works on holiday

Have to keep working while on vacation sucks, but that does not mean you can not spend time off which is owned by the maximum. Here are some tips you can follow to reduce working time while on holiday.

1. Handle incoming email

Get important emails while on holiday-related work is common. In the era of advanced technology like this, you just need to handle it in a practical way. You can use your mobile phone to read the incoming email, then please reply to this email with a short and clear.

Make sure your vacation time not be wasted just because addressing this issue. Limit yourself to only respond to emails that are considered truly important. In addition, make a commitment to only open office email at certain times, such as a few minutes in the morning. This will help you to stay focused on a holiday that is being undertaken.

2. Use the tablet

Undeniably, sometimes your holidays are often disrupted by the sudden work that must be resolved. If this happens, you can make use of the tablet to handle the job. Some brands such as the iPad or Android tablets have several applications such as Microsoft Office that you can use to get the job done there. Using the tablet is a more practical solution that you can choose rather than having to carry a laptop to a vacation spot.

3. Use the 4G network

A good internet connection to be sure you need to finish the job there. But sometimes, Wi-Fi hotels usually have an Internet connection that is not so good. Not to mention the rent that is quite expensive.

Therefore, in order to reduce and accelerate the completion of existing work, it would be better if you use the 4G network on the mobile phone you have. Later, the mobile phone also serves as a modem that can help you get an internet connection is desired.

4. Leave all your work at home

You may have heard this repeatedly. Yes, the best thing you can do for yourself while on vacation is to leave all your work load at home. Not a thing wrong not to touch it at all all your work for one or two weeks during the holidays. It will have an impact on your mind clearer.

Spend all your time with friends and family. Do not forget to enjoy the scenery there. Remember! You may be very difficult to get time like that again.

6 Tips for Buying Pumps

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If you’re in the market for pumps and pump parts, it can be difficult to know which way to turn. How can you be sure which brands offer the best products and the fairest deals? Here are just a few tips for finding your next pump.


1. Know Your Needs

Are you buying pumps for commercial or residential use? How long, wide and heavy do they need to be? What flow rate do they need to accommodate? These are all things you should know before you start shopping.

2. Research Brands

The “big names” aren’t necessarily the best. That said, knowing who they are and what they offer will serve as a jumping-off point for further research, so do your homework and figure out who’s who in the pump business. Your diligence will be rewarded in the form of a smart purchase decision.

3. Understand the Market

As you look at brands, make sure you understand the distinction between manufacturers and retailers. One actually builds the products; the other simply sells them. It’s important to know the difference as you browse for your next pump.

4. Draft a Budget

How much can you afford to spend on a new pump? Keep in mind that the listed price isn’t always the final price. You might also need to pay for things like shipping, installation and insurance, so factor these numbers into your price range as you’re budgeting.

5. Read Reviews

The best way to get the gauge of a company is to read customer reviews. Are buyers generally satisfied with their products? Do they report fair prices, accurate shipping times and good customer service from the brand? Would they buy from the company again?

6. Check the Warranty

Never buy a pump without reading the fine print. Some warranties only cover certain kinds of damage; others only offer that “comprehensive coverage” for the first few years of ownership. If you want to avoid a messy refund situation down the line, make sure you understand the warranty before you buy the product.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for pumps. As you can see, there’s a lot to consider, so take your time and do it right. It’s better to delay your purchase a day or two than rush into a decision and choose incorrectly.