Tips on Keeping Your Brand Reputation

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startup-glossaryIn this globalization era, as an entrepreneur, you are required to continue to increase the prestige of your brand. If not, the brand that you wake up they can be undermined by another company’s brand. To find out how to maximize your brand prestige, consider the following information, as reported by Forbes.

1. Authenticity

Need strategy to produce a brand that could attract the attention of consumers. The uniqueness and originality of the very necessary here. You can not show what is common in the community.

2. Reputation

The number of emerging social media is one way to improve your brand reputation. Attach your brand logo on facebook for example, and the capacity of your customer’s comments.

3. Response

Customer response, both positive and negative, can be a great idea to put back into your business brand concept.

4. Interact with customers

The idea to establish communication with the customer about the products they buy will create a romantic relationship between the company and the consumer. This is in addition to better know what the market wants, also can be your brand closer to the wider community.

5. The best service

The consumer is king, and every brand should this agrees. All good customer feedback is collected and considered. Do you have a mobile application service, call center, or live chat feature as a container, the main focus should always be on what is best for the customer.

Innovation should always be done to increase the prestige of your business. Hopefully inspire.

4 Principal Management For Growing Business Profit

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Any business or businesses that are well managed and properly, it will generate profits or business profits either a lot or a little. Because the purpose of business is to benefit financially abundant to meet personal needs as well as for the company. Business benefits that you can get into a boomerang if you are not able to manage them properly.

Profit business although not much, but if managed professionally, it will be a tremendous potential to develop a business or a business that is being managed. As a businessman, it should be able to manage the business profits earned by wise and thinking with a long vision. How to properly manage the business profit is very important to always maintain the existence of a business.

In managing the profits of a business, at least you can do by dividing the profit into four major staple, ie Profit For Business Development, Profit For the Reserve Fund, Profit and Profit For Personal Affairs For The Rotated Capital. For more details, see the description below.

small business management

1. Profit Business To Business Development

It’s important to develop your business in the future, set aside some portion of profits allocated to develop business is a wise action. At least you can take 10% of the business benefits you get for the special fund business development.

Funds drawn from these advantages you can use to improve the ability of part – the part of your business. To use, can be used for example to:

  • Infrastructure Development
  • Improving the Quality of Human Resources
  • Increased IT Systems
  • Expansion, With Opening of New Branch

2. Profit Business for Reserve Fund

Reserve fund is very important in running a business, it is intended to anticipate or guard – in case if there is something you want in your business. Because as we all know that in the business world is certainly a lot of risk that you will face in the future.

To that end, the reserve fund must always be provided. To fund these reserves, from the net profit can you can use by 20%. While the form of the reserve fund can you allot such as for investments that could be used for a long period of time.

Later, these funds are only used for the benefit of the right – really urgent or urgent, if not urgently sought not used previously. Form of investment that you can use for the allocation of this reserve fund could be:

  • Savings
  • Deposit
  • Gold Investment
  • Property
  • Securities

3. Profit Business For Personal Affairs

Personal needs may vary – wide and numerous, do not you imagine the personal needs only to pleasure yourself. In this case, the family also entered into your dependents should you enough also needs. As a reward for your hard work in managing the business, utilizing 10% of the business for personal gain and the family does not seem excessive.

In addition sufficient for the purposes of your own needs and family, do not forget also that you have a social environment that is also very important for you to watch. Maintaining good relations with the surrounding community can improve your happiness in life. Set aside 10% of your business profits to charity, donate, or for other social funds.

4. Profit For The Capital Played

Well, having taken advantage for the benefit of the above three, the remaining 50% can use back as capital for later playback. The remaining net profit that you can get back to you manage inventory, operating costs or other costs related to the business you run. Expected with the rest of the profit that you earn, can regain the advantage.

If you are able to split the profits as above, then the continuity of your business will be more secure. By setting aside a little of the net profits that we get, then when business slumped in the condition that you still have funds that you can use. Make it a habit every time benefit to immediately share them wisely.

7 Signs Candidates Successful People

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Some individuals seem eccentric or “different”. Generally, these tend to be viewed negatively by the surrounding environment. Though be different is not necessarily a bad thing.

Likewise with someone shortage. Often we assume that the strange, but thanks to the foresight of thinking, they turned out to be people who are more successful.

success people

Here we will discuss the signs of success are seen from the lack of a person:

1. Obsessed with something easy

For some people, no matter how small obsession can be a tremendous force. People like this usually would be willing to work hard, sacrifice and never give up the pursuit of dreams. Starting from simple things such as music, literature, and other simple things will help you be successful if properly engaged.

2. Stubborn

If you are stubborn and difficult to quit easily, you need not worry. This bad habit is annoying but it can actually help achieve all your goals. Usually, people who are not successful will give up so easily if they fail. But the fact you are stubborn, might be a good benchmark for success.

3. Introvert

Although people prefer the extrovert, introvert nature in you is not a bad thing. Introverted individual usually is a good listener, a deep thinker and usually they have a creative solution to all problems.

4. No matter what others think

One sign of successful people usually do not let the opinions of others affect you.

5. Selfish

Selfish in terms of time and money, there is no harm. Selfish does not mean cheap, yes. When you selfish when it comes to helping others, you will have difficulty pursuing your own dreams.

6. Think positive

Assuming all will be fine, will make you able to focus more on all. Positive thinking is also one way of getting closer to success.

7. Thorough

Whatever you do, do it as accurately as possible. All that is done by careful planning and will help you achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

8 Sites for Finding the Best Business Idea

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All successful entrepreneurs working for one thing, which is to solve the problem. They could fill a void in the market or improve what already exists. It all started with a good business idea.


If you are currently thinking about business ideas but could not find a good, maybe it’s time to change the location. Here are 8 locations to get a business idea:

1. Smartphone

There are many applications that help people today. More and more people are looking for in the application, the more things that are not yet available there.

To search for new things, ask the people around you what kind of applications they are looking for. You can make the application itself or hiring a technician.

2. Search engines

You may have experienced this, look for something constantly on the internet without results. You can turn frustration into a promising business. Try to make it yourself and sell it on the internet.

3. Social Media

Many things are written about in social media, especially the life-activity. It can be very frustrating for the viewer. If you consider carefully the hash mark and that status, it will find the same pattern. Try to think of making something and find a solution so that it turns into fun stuff purse money.

4. Home

What makes you frustrated in the house? AC dusty? Messy room? Parks slipshod? There may be others who are experiencing similar things. You can make a home cleaning service business from it.

5. Environment

Try to observe your neighbors and your home environment. There is definitely a business loopholes that could be found. If the environment contains office workers, you can open a daycare business. Do lots of pets around you? Perhaps the pet shop business you can try.

6. Supermarket

You are a food lover? Look at what is not charged on supermarket shelves. You can make the business of bread, jam, food diet, and the other to fill the vacancy.

7. Mall

This location can be interesting to get a business idea related to fashion. For example, you can make the effort cosmetics from natural ingredients to beat similar products mainstream. Can also opened a ready-made clothes or handicrafts.

8. School

If you are a parent, would know what kind of products are suitable for children with appropriate price. Ask the parents at your child’s school what products they are looking for right now. Please fill the market vacancy to start your business.

5 Ways Facing New Boss

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Often in an office you are faced with the management change frequently. You also have to face and adapt to new employees or new boss.

new boss

One thing you need to know is the change of management is that you certainly encounter in the job. For that, you should be able to cope and adapt quickly.

What steps can you do?

1. Immediately adjust themselves

One of the hardest things to do in the event of management turnover in the office is to re-adapt to the conditions of the new office. You may have to re-acquainted with some of the employees who are new to, or to your new employer.

It is sometimes difficult to do, but that does not mean can not. Try to open yourself back to the changes.

2. Know the Latest Information

It’s important for you to always know what is going on in the company. Know the information being circulated will provide many benefits for you.

Among them are able to analyze what steps you should be doing to deal with the company’s policy did.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask

Afraid to ask, astray on the road. The proverb is true. Faced with a new management team which means you will be dealing with a boss who has a different personality.

In responding to this case, do not be afraid to ask questions so that you know exactly what you want a new boss.

4. Meet the new boss as soon as possible

Do not forget to schedule a time to meet your new boss as soon as possible. Meet with your new boss professionally will make you understand what steps you can take to meet the needs of the company. You also indirectly be able to understand the character of your boss.

5. Always look for opportunities

Massive turnover in the company’s management structure can also mean that your place of work is undergoing a serious problem.

Before you are affected by this problem, you can fix this by constantly searching for new job opportunities in other companies.

5 Practical Business Savings of Going Digital

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Moving your business to a digital platform has potential to save you thousands of dollars each year in a myriad of ways. While some of this savings can be achieved by moving various operations to the Cloud, others can be done by using streamlining software. In reality, moving the business into the digital age has potential to increase income while giving employees the tools to be more efficient in their jobs. The savings to the company’s coffers could allow for improvements across all of your departments.

document management software

Employee Efficiency

Many digital applications and hardware can improve the efficiency of employees. This leads to improved productivity and means you’ll get more work for the amount of money you pay. Depending on the type of business you operate, improved productivity also means greater levels of income from customers.

Paper and Ink Usage

Many companies spend a great deal of money on paper, ink and other printing supplies. A digital platform, such as electronic document management software, reduces the need for printed forms. The money saved from these expenses could be used to enhance other areas of the business such as marketing or product improvements.

Improving Disaster Recovery

One feature that many business owners take advantage of is disaster recovery. This can be essential to keeping a business operational should something happen. For example, a flood could decimate your establishment and ruin all computer systems. An online backup of all business procedures can help you recover quickly and get the business operational again.

Strategy Development

Some aspects of business rely on data collected to develop accurate reports. From retail sales to time-managed projects, this information can help create strategies for future processes. Many digital platforms automatically collect and correlate all of the facts you need to make better decisions regarding the future of your business. This can save yourself and employees a great deal of time while allowing staff to work on other projects.

Time Spent Looking for Items

Time is one of the most wasted aspect in any business. From looking for files in a cabinet to losing important contracts, the money lost during certain instances could be monumental. Digital platforms can eliminate a great deal of this waste while allowing staff to access important documents with easy search criteria.

Cost reduction and efficiency are what keeps businesses afloat even through the worst of recessions. Go beyond the eco-friendly ideas of going digital and embrace what can be saved in terms of expenses. From employee productivity to the use of office supplies, moving business practices to various electronic devices and software may help you save an incredible amount of money each year.