Want to work more productively at the beginning of the week? Use this way

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Everyone has their own challenges when working. One of the big challenges often faced is difficult to concentrate when working.


For new employees into the office earlier in the week, they often find it difficult to work productively. And in any way it can be used to be able to work more productively?

1. Working efficiently

Working efficiently means that you are able to utilize the best time possible. One way to do is to complete a job well and does not waste time doing the same job twice. To be able to do this, you should be able to improve the accuracy of the work.

2. Complete the job more difficult in advance

To be able to be more productive at work means you should be able to complete the work according to the given time. Sometimes a lot of people that are difficult to do this.

One thing you can do is to finish the work that hard first. This way you can use the time left to do the job that much easier.

3. Know priority

Every job has its own priorities. Therefore, you must know which jobs have the highest priority. Work that has a higher priority should be to complete first.

4. Don’t be afraid to say no

Everyone has their own ability to get the job done. To be able to work more productively, you should be able to determine the extent of the ability to work.

If there is a job that if you can not solve, then do not hesitate to say no and refuse smoothly.

5. Don’t always check email

Email is a disorder that often you encounter when working. To cope with this, you can accommodate a certain time to check emails. This can help to work more productively.

6. Avoid multitasking

Another thing that can disrupt productivity is doing several jobs at once. It would be very difficult for you to focus split into several jobs at once. Forcing yourself to do many things at once will only hinder you in completing the work there.

Should the Annual Planning in Your Startup?

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startup-signWith the end of 2013, it’s time to perform an annual ritual that is often done by the entrepreneur: planning. Why entrepreneurs like planning? Easy, because that’s an opportunity to dream about the future. Entrepreneurs like to draw up a plan and a strategy to achieve the next big thing that they have in mind.

Here are some ideas regarding the annual planning in your startup:

  • Make a Strategic Plan in one page and share it with the rest of the staff plan you have.
  • Prepare an annual budget with a focus on cash flow and cash expenditures.
  • Talk with loyal customers and prospective customers.
  • Evaluation again offering value proposition of your company. Is your customer purchased? What problems are you going to solve? What solutions you can choose?
  • Try a new market segmentation. Segmentation is performed in the market grouping. For example, if you normally think of the market based on the type of product, try next year with business canal or type of buyer. If you divide by region, split by size / scale enterprise buyers. Think of a new segmentation which gives a fresh perspective.
  • Look for a larger potential market for business development.

Simple habits that can be done anyone to become rich

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It’s no secret, rich people have the attitudes and habits that are often different from ordinary people. The billionaire happy to take advantage of a variety of uncertainties, the pursuit of determination, and dedicate at least 15 minutes of time to really think every day.

jack ma alibaba

Through research conducted over 5 years on the world’s 177 richest people, the author Thomas C. Corley found one important habit of millionaires is simple and can be imitated anyone. The billionaire woke up very early, three hours before the workday begins.

Getting up early is a strategy billionaire to prevent a variety of disorders that may arise in working hours as a meeting that is too long or too congested traffic. Of course, the time in the morning is also used to prepare daily agendas.

“Always there are constraints on weekdays to face. Look at how many people are frustrated at the end of the working day because there are still some things unresolved,” said Corley.

Disturbances that shows you less astute control and regulate its own time. It makes you difficult to complete the entire job well.

Fortunately, the solution is very simple, which is an early riser.

“Waking up early can provide more flexibility in working time, making you more confident and gives its own power in the face of various challenges in the working day,” he explained.

Some billionaires who likes to get up early recorded among Virgin Group founder Richard Branson. He woke up at 5:00 to exercise before work. Moreover Square CEO Jack Dorsey who woke up at 5:30 for meditation and jog. ‘

They are not the only billionaire who likes to get up early. There are still another 175 world’s richest people with similar habits.

7 Things that need to be included on food labels

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The existence of the product label became one of the important factors that could strengthen the branding of a product. In addition to considering the design of packaging products used, usually prospective consumers read product labels to be before they decide to make a purchase. Information such as production date and expiration codes on the packaging, to print the information on the package is not difficult to use Inkjet Marking an easy to use so that your product packaging in accordance with the rules enacted. Because in the world of marketing, where the product label can be described as a means of identification as well as a differentiator from its competitors. Through the product label is used, the businessman can communicate information to prospective customers regarding the quality, legality, brand or logo, instructions for use, production code, and so forth.

inkjet marking

Especially for those who focus engaged in the business of processed food, there are seven things that need to be included on food labels for your products to trustworthy customers. Here are 7 things to consider when making the design of food labels.

1. The name or product brand

To create brand products, which need to be considered is the type of processing include the name and trademarks used.

2. Include the net weight of the product information

Given the processed food products can be packaged in various sizes, it is important for you to include the net weight of the product on the food label. Because, in addition to the quality of the product, some consumers also consider the quantity of product in each package of food.

3. Detailed information who the manufacturer or distributor

The origins of the producer or distributor of the product becomes one of the things that many asked by prospective customers. Usually for domestic products, the name and address of the manufacturer listed on food labels. As for food products imported from abroad, it is necessary to include the name or the company being the distributor or importer of the product.

4. Write the composition or materials used

The fourth thing that you need to specify is the composition or list of materials used during the production process. In this case you can specify the composition on food labels complete with doses used.

5. Complete the legality

The fifth point is that you should not have neglected the issue of legality or licensing of products. From the start of permits issued Agency for processing of food or a temporary permit issued by the local health department.

6. Expiration Date

For food businesses, the obligation to indicate the expiration date of the product. This is because the processed food products have a time limit of use is fairly short.

7. The production code

Production code is a tool that can explain the process of production of the food produced in the same conditions and time. Production code can usually be accompanied by such date or production that includes the date, month, year of manufacture.

Benefits of Integrated Security Management System

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One of the benefits of integrated security solution is able to reduce costs and provide a return on investment by eliminating costly manual processes. But the greatest benefit is to improve security for all organizations, whether they are in public or private sector. This integrated system benefits include the ability to monitor alarms from all the systems in a single user interface and the ability to link access and intrusion events to videotape. This can make the investigation easier and reduce the need to send personnel to respond to any security violations.


Integrated security management system can bring together various elements of security such as access control. Access control is typically used to provide good protection for property and employees. Generally access control is more often used in terms of management of the door with a turnstile installation. But often also extends to the use of public areas using turnstiles, gates, another barrier, or areas that are very sensitive when combined with biometrics. So also must unify with security systems such as CCTV and alarms, building management systems (HVAC, lighting) and various other aspects of an organization. The system you choose must meet your current needs, but also be in accordance with your needs in the future. It is a tough challenge, but you need to be able to predict how your organization change and grow and ensure that the system you are looking for can be expanded to meet those needs.

Manufacturers will continue to innovate with new products in the future. There will be more wireless devices are produced which may be connected directly to the LAN. You are expected to run the security of the entire organization from a single location when a Wide Area Network has been able to provide more bandwidth. There will be a change in the format of the access and use of biometric technology more widespread. Surely, you will see the integration with a greater level than you see today. In the future, all systems will be compatible with today’s best performance of the system so as to provide a total integrated solution for your security needs and protect various assets you have.

Habits of successful people at night

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Successful people certainly have a lot of activity. However, that does not mean they lose their personal lives. Although some of them are thinking more about the work, some are choosing to enjoy their spare time.


They keep doing things that are productive, in the morning or night. Maybe you can emulate one of them to be more useful routines. You can think of other more enjoyable activities.

Here are 6 people succeed with their habits in the evening after completing the activity.

1. Barack Obama

Habits: preparation for tomorrow

Either because of the nature or the demands of work, President Obama often spend several hours each night, set a schedule for duty the next day. He wrote his activities as a whole so that he can be as prepared as possible in the face of day, and even solve problems with overcooked. You can imitate it by making a schedule of activities at critical times.

2. Vera Wang

Habit: seek inspiration

After checking email from the staff, Vera Wang will allocate part of the night for the expression of the design. Because of the directional nature, it makes Wang more smoothly in the flow of ideas at an important time.

Modeled Vera Wang, does not mean you have to keep thinking about work when I go home. But it would not hurt if you do some minor actions to avoid job unexpectedly.

3. Joel Gascoigne

Habit: ambled

Every afternoon, after all the work is done, the CEO of Buffer, Joel Gascoigne take advantage of 20 minutes to walk. He will do this before it finally relax themselves and sleep. Gascoigne did this in order to feel tired until it easier to rest.

4. Bill Gates

Habits: reading a book

Bill Gates spent an hour before bedtime to read every day. Gates doing this to relieve stress levels and improve cognitive function.

In addition, he will gain new knowledge about the next big innovation that may arise.

5. Ariana Huffington

Habits: turn off the phone

Many workaholics find it impossible to turn off their phones even just overnight. But those who advocate need to do this process.

Ariana Huffington choose to turn off his cell phone after the completion of activities and stay away from the bed.

6. Alex Blumburg

Habits: discussion with family

Former NPR producer, Alex Blumburg, talking about wanting to spend more time with his young wife Nasneen. Blumburg will talk about the desirability of success in his own company, also talked about his influence.