3 Aspects of Study in Business Plan

business plan4Find a business idea without happen in real action feels futile. The successful entrepreneur, often never think of the stages in the realization of the idea. Even many assumption that if you want to do business does not need to plan anything, it’ll actually run aground in the middle of the road.

Maybe a lot of people making all sorts but plan only limited plans, so that realization does not exist. If this is the case of the above assumption be correct. Though in theory, no matter how small businesses still require planning to be able to realize the idea of a more mature business.

Purpose of making a business plan is to ensure the proper course of business operations and provide a boost to the business plans forward. It is also necessary to decide the organization in achieving its objectives at once set the standard for business performance. What is important is to gain the support of consumers, investors and even other parties.

In the perspective of a business expert Philip Kotler, at least there are some standard procedures in order to realize true business ideas in the form of a business plan in order to realize the business. The procedure is idea generation, screening, development and testing of concepts, marketing strategy, business analysis, product development, market testing, and commercialization.

In other words, a business plan to realize the idea has become a very important thing in business. May be obtained remarkable idea but it remains to be assessed in various ways, especially economical aspects, technical, and its future.

1. The economic aspect

These aspects include market analysis, sales, production costs, and profit margins. This factor is very important, because it affects the level of the decision to realize the idea into a real business. This aspect will examine the extent to which the level of benefits, with the absorption of existing markets and the ability to have the capital to run the business operations. Despite remarkable idea, but if the loss calculation would make the business is not feasible. Therefore, you must understand, how do you generate income and how much it costs to be incurred.

2. The technical aspects

This aspect is very important to measure the ability to run the business well. Are the existing capital, is able to produce goods or services that can be sold? What about the ability of human resources? Are all the power that is able to provide added value to the consumer better compared to other similar businesses? A good business plan, will provide better opportunities, minimize the likelihood of business failure.

3. The future of business

This aspect will be studied more comprehensively about the future of your business. Do not be, we know that the business they work is a seasonal business, but the plan is implemented for a permanent business. It certainly will disturb the technical aspects. Not to mention the expectations of consumers who will always be more advanced and new. Is it able to run the business that we will absorb the market like this? This is an important aspect that should be carefully considered and reflected in the business plan.

Again, you do not trust the advice that says “forget the business plan, just run it,” because you could fall into the wilderness of business uncertainty. It’s better if you test the feasibility of your business plan to the people who are more successful and more experienced in the business, and then you become a successful entrepreneur.