3 Options For You Not Be Happy in office

9 out of 10 employees spend half a day in the life doing that is not preferred, in places where they do not want to be.

unhappy in office

Reported by Forbes, when you are unhappy at work, you have three choices :

  • Changing jobs. Good position, maybe even a career. Substantial changes, but you can do. Remember, your happiness is threatened.
  • Change the way you do it. Take a look from a different perspective and cultivate new habits.
  • Do not change anything and drowning in misery.

If you want to change things in the office, you can follow the steps following recommendations before the express intent to superiors.

  • Make a list of what bothers you in the office.
  • Make an appointment with your boss. Needless to show the list you made.
  • Tell us briefly your situation.
  • You try to use positive words when discussing and looking at the perspective of solutions, not complaints.
  • Offer suggestions beneficial to both parties.
  • Ask for assistance. Be honest about your situation.

Why are so many people unhappy with their jobs? There are expressions of the work is the fruit of the assumption that people do it just for the money.

Yet according to author Barry Schwartz reported Linkedin, see the job through wage approach takes us backwards. Make people not satisfied with the work. Therefore, worsen the outcome. That’s why it should be changed.

Author of Why We Work gives some examples of success. If given the opportunity to make more meaningful work, employees want to do. Even if it means they have to work harder.

When employees are faced with the job they want to do, they are happier. Therefore, his work better, this would benefit the company.

Companies can facilitate employees to ensure they have the opportunity to learn and develop. Encourage employees to give suggestions for improvements in the production process while listening to their aspirations.

Another thing that is not less important is to find ways to make the work of employees can make other people’s lives a little better.

Jobs with adequate compensation is important. As well as decent work is done. Because time is too valuable to be discarded useless.