3 Ways Sales By 140 Character Twitter

Twitter claimed Twitter Ads, services targeting small and medium enterprises, as a platform to promote products and services are easy to use.

Head of SMB Sales Pty Twitter Emily Huo said, there are at least three facilities Twitter promised to facilitate the perpetrators of Small and Medium Enterprises to promote products and services through their service.

business with twitter

The first is to run a campaign on target. It is said Emily, Twitter Ads are designed to improve the growth and interaction of relevant followers.

Pushing the number of qualified visitors to the web, to promote the application in smart device or search for new prospects is the goal of this strategy ..

Second, to reach a specific target market. Small and Medium Business communities can reach potential customers or buyers in various ways with target specific.

Targeting the promoted tweets based on demographics, interests, which account they come, the tools they use and the specific keywords.

Finally, like most other services for advertisers, Twitter allows perpetrators SMEs can monitor and analyze the results of their advertising campaigns in real time.

Through tweet activity dashboard and page analysis, the user can see the exposure of data so that it can perform the evaluation. They can understand and optimize the campaign based on the target.

He reveals interesting facts on Twitter promotion. He said that 39% of consumers are likely to recommend a brand to their friends.

This makes a very strong campaign on Twitter that should be put to good use.