4 Tips For Your Resume Look Professional

Some large companies continue to open up career opportunities both for recent graduates and those who are already experienced. Not infrequently, the career opportunities facilitated by several colleges by holding a job fair. Of course, with the job fair, enables companies and applicants.


On the other hand, with the job fair does not mean that applicants do not need to struggle. The reason, it can be sure every job fair will be attended by hundreds or even thousands of applicants. Therefore, if you want a job, must have added value.

One that can be offered is to prepare a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) of interest. The question that will arise is how to create a resume that interesting?

Of course, the resume should describe the skills and work history (if any) and no relation to the position of the proposed work.

On the other hand, the design resume any important things that make the resume look attractive. Here are some tips on how to create a resume that is appealing.

1. Easy to read

Resume complicated by entering the information less relevant and important is not the same as making HRD lazy to read.

The secret of making a resume is just enter the information relevant to the work that will be spoken. Then, omit information that has nothing to do with the work that will be spoken.

2. Focus and short

Not only describes the experience of working, but the resume should tell accomplishments or awards. Then, lay stress on what was done in previous work than trying to explain what his previous work.

Moreover, rather than simply describing the work, the better you focus your resume on a previous job challenges and how to overcome them.

3. Different from the others

Resume interesting to be seen selling to each company. The trick is to tell things that have been done so far, able to compete and excel, and why you are different and better than other competitors.

On the other hand, make your resume as a marketing opportunity. Perhaps by adding personal photos and colors are able to attract the company to call you.

4. The unique design

Of course, a resume should look memorable. But how to make a resume look unique to read and seen?

The first step is for the column corresponding to the information to be entered eg work experience and education history.

Then, the color selection must also be taken into consideration, adjust well with your personality. Another addition that is still followed the trend of the design example of what is currently being rapidly adopted.