5 Important Aspects of the Business Sign

Business signs are a proud declaration of a company which is meant to attract customers. From nearby streets, consumers can tell what businesses are located in specific areas just by glancing at the signs. There are several aspects to these items that enhance the interaction with customers and clients that go beyond basic lettering. As the sign is meant to resonate within your target audience, it needs to be developed in a way that optimizes recognition.

business sign


People associated brands with the kinds of colors that are used in the logo. For example, what soda pop comes time mind when you think of the colors red and white? For many people, this imagery stands out even for those that don’t drink soda. Corporate signs should retain the same development of the logo to connect with individuals.

Font Types

When it comes to developing business cards, logos and websites, a specific font can offer a similar recognition as color imagery. Keeping with a certain style of lettering can keep your business separated from similar organizations. From all capital letters to all lower-case, the lettering itself is just as important as the image of the logo.


When it comes to signs on the building, size does matter. You don’t want the sign to be too small to see from the street, but too large may make the object look gaudy and unprofessional.


Some signs have integrated lighting such as neon or built in LED. This makes it convenient to see at night while enhancing the imagery further. The right kind of lighting for your sign can affect how clients and customers interact with the business. Poor lighting may make the sign look thrown together while the perfect lighting could exude a sense of professionalism.


Depending on the purpose of the sign, it’s location can have an artistic appearance while labeling an establishment. One of the more common placements for company signs is installing it near a top corner of the building as opposed to center mass.

While basic lettering can still be helpful when it comes to declaring your business to the general public, combining the same customization you find in a logo can further engage specific people looking for your organization. Humans are a visual species, and imagery can engage people on a deep mental level. It is through imagery that people formulate memories – especially when connecting a business to a product or service.