5 Points Importance of Product Differentiation In Tight Market Competition


Market competition in the business world today is observed more years of increasingly stringent. Even so tight, in my observation, this competition would lead to things that are unhealthy and bad.

Certainly as an entrepreneur you can not participate in unfair competition which it could sink your business. In the face of stiff competition, you as a businessperson just need to work extra hard and implement an effective strategy.

Displays and offer something different in the concept of differentiation may be the solution for you could penetrate the current market competition. Yes, a business that is constantly moving towards saturation point, would need to get creative touch fruitful concept is new, fresh and exciting. So often companies make a business differentiation while stuck or hampered by the intense market competition.

The Importance of Product Differentiation In Business

In general, product differentiation is an activity undertaken for creative businessman something in order to have differences from other businesses. With the differentiation of a product will look new for consumers.

And consumers who may have already experienced this level of saturation in certain products they can be switched to the new product that coined the different concepts. One thing to be noted in the application of the concept of this differentiation is to be able to win the competition, you do not need to be superior, but with a little different, that is enough for you to attract consumers come.

Product differentiation can be done with various techniques certainly has many roles and advantages. Here are some important points that make this differentiation concept into something that is important and necessary to do business in order to penetrate the market competition is very tight

1. Products Easier to Remember The Consumer

First, an important point of differentiation products are products that will be easier to remember. Yes, just like our views on a person’s physical appearance, consumers also will have special attention on products that appear to be different. So do not hesitate to be different, because it becomes a different one of the few things being equal will make you seen and remembered by others and certainly prospective customers and your customers.

2. More Superior Compared to Other Products

Functions and other virtues of this differentiation strategy is to create excellence of other products. In business, the benefits can indeed be viewed from many aspects. Products that have differences with other products certainly have their advantages and outlook look more attractive and evocative consumers. With a product that is considered more superior, then you will not be too difficult to penetrate the market competition.

3. Product Sales Price Higher

Consumers would not mind if you raise the price of product differentiation that had been interested. This is because consumer habits are always hunting and fighting product that has a special uniqueness. This can be seen from the case of products limited edition (limited edition) which can have a higher price than the price of other products that have been widely circulated in the market.

4. Troubleshooting Market Saturation

As mentioned previously, that the strong reasons that could make this differentiation winning product is the market circumstances are experiencing saturation point. Businesses will indeed suffer burnout at a time must inevitably be done in order to market differentiation and unsaturated back alive again. Therefore you and the company must make the program updates the product for a certain period to get rid of boredom market.

5. Assist Creation of Image Products

Image and businesses sometimes created image of trivial things and unique. Therefore, try to show things that are unique and different from the others so that the image and the image of your business products is increasingly recognized.

But remember not to make images that are too controversial, too, because it might make you not be trusted and the public excluded. What is certain is that the higher image and better, then you will be a big chance to penetrate the tight competition existing business.