5 Richest Women in the World in the Field of Technology

Forbes recently released a list of 100 Richest People in the world in the field of technology. Interestingly, in the 100 roster released, just tucked 5 name of the woman who managed to perch on the list of richest people in the world in the field.

women richest

The wealth of billionaires women were assessed throughout June 2015 to June 2016. Field of technology so their income sources assortment ranging from the inventor of the touch screen or touchscreen on the phone to the online gambling business.

Here’s fifth richest women in the world list in the technology field in 2016:

1. Zhou Qunfei

Women from Hong Kong’s success in the first position in the list of the richest women in the world in the field of technology business thanks to the touch screen or touchscreen smart phone. At age is still 46 years, Qunfei able to acquire a fortune of US $ 6.4 billion.

2. Denise Coates

Coates is a billionaire who got all his wealth derived from gambling online in which he moved. The 48-year-old woman pocketed a fortune of US $ 3.8 billion.

3. Lam Wai Ying

Women from Hong Kong to get wealth worth US $ 3 billion of business a touch screen or touchscreen smart phone.

4. Judy Faulkner

The woman who is now 73 years old is still able to show its teeth as the richest woman in the field Wellesley. Faulkner total wealth reached US $ 2.7 billion that he got from a technology-based health business.

5. Meg Whitman

Who does not know the online trading site based in America is eBay? Whitman is the successor of eBay, who served as President and CEO of eBay today. Women from the United States is able to have a net worth of US $ 2.2 billion.