7 The work is best suited for those who want stress-free

Stress and tension has become a daily diet that must be faced by each worker. Despite having different levels, it becomes a challenge when working.

Stress free

But, not everyone likes the pressure and stress that often comes unexpectedly. If the face of it, they would prefer to avoid and look for other kinds of work.

If you feel it too, then seven this profession you can try. In addition to having light work, the profession also has the smallest stress levels.

7. The childcare worker

Even though not many in Indonesia, child care providers (childcare) included as one of the profession with low stress levels. They are responsible for the care and keep children while the parents were no particular purpose.

6. Accountants

Accountant designation and is a professional degree awarded to a person or those working in the accounting field. They are tasked to do the translation or provision of assurance about information that will help managers, investors, tax authorities and other decision makers to make resource allocation decisions within companies, organizations, and government agencies.

5. Computer programmer

A programmer tasked to create and prepare the program. They also have the ability and expertise in creating and refining a program.

4. Officers delivery person

Increased business online opens up new opportunities and expand the delivery service. Professions that are needed turned out to have fairly low levels of stress compared to other professions.

3. Consultants

A consultant can work according to their expertise. This work was included as a profession with the lowest stress levels.

2. Author

The author enters as one of the professions with the lowest stress levels. Those who work as a writer could pull out his work without having to work in an office like workers in general.

1. Landscape architect

In contrast to the general architect, landscape architect tasked to redesign the layout of parks and gardens in a home. Uga a landscape architect responsible for the art of planning, design, management, maintenance, and repair of land and construction design of large-scale man-made.