7 Things that need to be included on food labels

The existence of the product label became one of the important factors that could strengthen the branding of a product. In addition to considering the design of packaging products used, usually prospective consumers read product labels to be before they decide to make a purchase. Information such as production date and expiration codes on the packaging, to print the information on the package is not difficult to use Inkjet Marking an easy to use so that your product packaging in accordance with the rules enacted. Because in the world of marketing, where the product label can be described as a means of identification as well as a differentiator from its competitors. Through the product label is used, the businessman can communicate information to prospective customers regarding the quality, legality, brand or logo, instructions for use, production code, and so forth.

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Especially for those who focus engaged in the business of processed food, there are seven things that need to be included on food labels for your products to trustworthy customers. Here are 7 things to consider when making the design of food labels.

1. The name or product brand

To create brand products, which need to be considered is the type of processing include the name and trademarks used.

2. Include the net weight of the product information

Given the processed food products can be packaged in various sizes, it is important for you to include the net weight of the product on the food label. Because, in addition to the quality of the product, some consumers also consider the quantity of product in each package of food.

3. Detailed information who the manufacturer or distributor

The origins of the producer or distributor of the product becomes one of the things that many asked by prospective customers. Usually for domestic products, the name and address of the manufacturer listed on food labels. As for food products imported from abroad, it is necessary to include the name or the company being the distributor or importer of the product.

4. Write the composition or materials used

The fourth thing that you need to specify is the composition or list of materials used during the production process. In this case you can specify the composition on food labels complete with doses used.

5. Complete the legality

The fifth point is that you should not have neglected the issue of legality or licensing of products. From the start of permits issued Agency for processing of food or a temporary permit issued by the local health department.

6. Expiration Date

For food businesses, the obligation to indicate the expiration date of the product. This is because the processed food products have a time limit of use is fairly short.

7. The production code

Production code is a tool that can explain the process of production of the food produced in the same conditions and time. Production code can usually be accompanied by such date or production that includes the date, month, year of manufacture.