8 Sites for Finding the Best Business Idea

All successful entrepreneurs working for one thing, which is to solve the problem. They could fill a void in the market or improve what already exists. It all started with a good business idea.


If you are currently thinking about business ideas but could not find a good, maybe it’s time to change the location. Here are 8 locations to get a business idea:

1. Smartphone

There are many applications that help people today. More and more people are looking for in the application, the more things that are not yet available there.

To search for new things, ask the people around you what kind of applications they are looking for. You can make the application itself or hiring a technician.

2. Search engines

You may have experienced this, look for something constantly on the internet without results. You can turn frustration into a promising business. Try to make it yourself and sell it on the internet.

3. Social Media

Many things are written about in social media, especially the life-activity. It can be very frustrating for the viewer. If you consider carefully the hash mark and that status, it will find the same pattern. Try to think of making something and find a solution so that it turns into fun stuff purse money.

4. Home

What makes you frustrated in the house? AC dusty? Messy room? Parks slipshod? There may be others who are experiencing similar things. You can make a home cleaning service business from it.

5. Environment

Try to observe your neighbors and your home environment. There is definitely a business loopholes that could be found. If the environment contains office workers, you can open a daycare business. Do lots of pets around you? Perhaps the pet shop business you can try.

6. Supermarket

You are a food lover? Look at what is not charged on supermarket shelves. You can make the business of bread, jam, food diet, and the other to fill the vacancy.

7. Mall

This location can be interesting to get a business idea related to fashion. For example, you can make the effort cosmetics from natural ingredients to beat similar products mainstream. Can also opened a ready-made clothes or handicrafts.

8. School

If you are a parent, would know what kind of products are suitable for children with appropriate price. Ask the parents at your child’s school what products they are looking for right now. Please fill the market vacancy to start your business.