9 Tips to Effective Promotion Strategies are not You Know

In marketing the product from a brand, you will need a promotion strategy is right on target. With the right business promotion strategies, you will succeed in your business. Not only that, you will also get the chance to achieve your sales targets and also to gain brand awareness when executed promotional strategy. To achieve all this, see 9 tips from the business promotion strategy.


1. Use of Social Media

Social media has become a must-have things your brand. Through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. You can do a promotional strategy to introduce the brand and also the products you want to be marketed to the users of social media. By using social media, then the approach would you do to become more personal and also become ‘closer’ to the target market.

2. Hold Contest

Who does not love a winner? Of course, everyone likes to win something. Therefore, it becomes one of the organizers of the contest or to sponsor one contest that is being planned is a good idea promotional strategies. By displaying your logo on the contest or the competition, then you will promote a brand that will be known by the participants.

3. Record Customers / Target Market

Collect customer data is an activity that we recommend. At the time of product introduction or the sale takes place, make sure you get the customer data according to your needs so that it will be useful for the promotion strategy and plan the next company.

4. Provide Incentives for Each Recommendation

Give incentives to your loyal customers who give recommendations to other potential customers to use the products of your brand marketed. Incentives can be given in different forms, such as discount coupons, a sum of money, or your own products. In this way, your loyal customers will continue to use and more passion to recommend your products. It was certainly one of the promotional strategy sharpshooter!

5. Place the product in the Right Place

Good product placement is the placement of the product in store that can add sales figures. You can only move your product to be placed between the two types of other products that are complementary to the type of product you are selling. You also can put your products marketed at the end of the alley shop so easy to find. By utilizing the product in terms of store layout, this would be a powerful promotion strategy, is not it?

6. Perform Charitable / CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

One other promotional strategy is to show a sense of caring brand to issues around community / target market commonly shown through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) while promoting a brand or specific product you want to promote. With this activity, you will get a brand label well liked by the public.

7. Use Promotional Products

In carrying out promotional strategy, you should use promotional items (such as T-shirts, calendars and other merchandise) that have been awarded the label in the form of the logo of your brand so that when the promotional items used by someone, then the item has been reminding people around to use the products of the brand. You can order promotional products in http://parkplaceprinting.net/.

8. Arrange Appreciating Events for Customers

Held events for loyal customers products that will promote. Prepare an interesting event, many prizes and without any stand to sell and without having to force the participants to buy anything at the event. With the promotional strategy through such events, the loyalty of the participants of the event will grow and so does the pleasure of customers with your brand.

9. Perform Buyer Survey after sales

To improve the quality of the products marketed and services, so it’s good for you to do a survey on each customer after the sale. You can do it on the spot, by phone or via email. With this survey shaped promotional strategy easier for customers to deliver both compliments and complaints about products that are used / consumed.