Benefits of Integrated Security Management System

One of the benefits of integrated security solution is able to reduce costs and provide a return on investment by eliminating costly manual processes. But the greatest benefit is to improve security for all organizations, whether they are in public or private sector. This integrated system benefits include the ability to monitor alarms from all the systems in a single user interface and the ability to link access and intrusion events to videotape. This can make the investigation easier and reduce the need to send personnel to respond to any security violations.


Integrated security management system can bring together various elements of security such as access control. Access control is typically used to provide good protection for property and employees. Generally access control is more often used in terms of management of the door with a turnstile installation. But often also extends to the use of public areas using turnstiles, gates, another barrier, or areas that are very sensitive when combined with biometrics. So also must unify with security systems such as CCTV and alarms, building management systems (HVAC, lighting) and various other aspects of an organization. The system you choose must meet your current needs, but also be in accordance with your needs in the future. It is a tough challenge, but you need to be able to predict how your organization change and grow and ensure that the system you are looking for can be expanded to meet those needs.

Manufacturers will continue to innovate with new products in the future. There will be more wireless devices are produced which may be connected directly to the LAN. You are expected to run the security of the entire organization from a single location when a Wide Area Network has been able to provide more bandwidth. There will be a change in the format of the access and use of biometric technology more widespread. Surely, you will see the integration with a greater level than you see today. In the future, all systems will be compatible with today’s best performance of the system so as to provide a total integrated solution for your security needs and protect various assets you have.