Breaking the Chain Management Too Long

managementIn many large companies, senior executives surrounded by the assistant, chief of staff, and business advisors. The purpose of the existence of this assistant is to maximize the effectiveness of the use of a business leader but intentional or not too many executives who just received the news and opinion filtered, or even censored engineered to provide input that only desired by senior officials.

Breaking the vicious chain is not easy but try these tips and insist your staff to do the same and then look at the results.

  • Make a “listening position” or held meetings with managers from different parts of the company to listen to their views are and engage them in an interactive dialogue that is more spontaneous.
  • Hold “rallies” open in which all employees of all employees are encouraged to speak honestly.
  • Hold a meeting level or fell to the ground so you will find new people who have the talent and great potential but you’ve never met in person or not you know their whereabouts.