Building a Business is different with Running a business

inovationsMany employers feel frustrated, during the running of the business did not see any significant progress. Often they work extra hard, even on Saturday and Sunday sacrificed for their business development.

Not only that, working hours reproduced, exceeding the employees, 22:00 pm return home. All that they have taken for the improvement and the good of their business.

Perhaps you wonder, “I’ve been in business for 10 years, but why the result is still so-so alone?” The answer is, “You have never been in business for 10 years, but one year repeated 10 times.”

Are you a business owner feels the same way? Business for it, only to repeat from year to year in the same way? This is the difference between build and run a business.

If we run the business, as well as the streets. There is no definite destination where to go, which is vital happy and no bustle. In business it is a flurry of activity, but not necessarily productivity.

In contrast to the mindset of building a business. Building a business is similar to building a house. We certainly agree, the house is built on a clear concept. There are planning to be made, the big picture of the house that will be realized, proven techniques and the right people are involved in the home construction project.

Building a house is also no time limit. There is a certain time that the house was targeted to be completed and ready for use. This means that the home is the most appropriate description of how to build a business analogy.