Business Success Tips from Jack Ma

Jack Ma, who has been named as the richest people throughout China have their own way of doing business. In public the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in New York today he shared tips. Here’s more.

jack ma alibaba

1. Be grateful with what you receive

Ma tells the wages the first time that he received US $20 per month. “The most memorable moment I felt after graduation is to get a salary of US $20 is incredible. If later you get a US $1 million, it means you’re a lucky man,” he said. He added that if wages were first compared with what now then it will be a headache itself. “So grateful with what you get now,” he said.

2. “Content is king”

Ma tell a friend once said “Okay Jack, if you want to succeed in China, you have to be strong, supported the government, and this and that.” But Ma replied “I do not need a rich father or uncle who have the power in various fields, which I need is a loyal customer who will support me,” he said.

3. Be honest with yourself and optimistic

Ma admitted that previously he was not confident and doubt how Internet-based business that can survive in China so far. He added that it was tough today, tomorrow will be more severe, but in the end there will be a joy.

4. Invest to make other people happy and the environment

Ma entered the age of 50 years who are concerned with environmental issues. One of them air pollution in the country. “Pollution of water, air, food availability in the next 10 years, millions of Chinese people will face serious problems about health. So we must invest in the solutions,” he said.

5. Do not be complacent and Reach for your dreams

“I always believe, we have to think about what we should do for the next 10 years. We are successful today because we had a dream 15 years ago,” he explained. He was told, he had been denied repeatedly by the college. He also learned English himself and became a teacher before founded Alibaba in 1999.