6 Tricks of the Rich Save More Money

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It seems, almost everyone wants to have more money every day. You are also certainly curious, how some entrepreneurs can continue to gain money and look never financially deficient.

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Launched from the Lifehack.org page, you can copy how rich people manage their finances. Although the wealth is abundant, most of them just look simple. Just look at how Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is rarely dressed glamorous despite being the youngest billionaire in the world.

Want to imitate the way rich people save more money?

1. Be careful on small expenses

Most people tend to do a lot of calculations when making a purchase at great cost. Make no mistake, small expenses can actually be more severe drain your pocket.

Keep in mind, most rich people always take into account any expenditure, no matter in large or small quantities. That way, they can deviate more money.

2. Never buy goods to show off

Although most people feel happy when their belongings reap the rewards, but the way it causes you to spend in vain.

Famous US financial advisor Suze Orman suggests stopping buying unneeded items to show off to people you do not even like.

3. Focus on the future

When saving or investing, do not forget to focus also on the needs that await in the future. Move your focus to the future instead of getting temporary satisfaction in the present. You can live youth without money, but not when you step on old age.

4. Work hard

Not as you imagine that rich people just have fun enjoying their lives. In fact, in order to save and gain more money, successful entrepreneurs never stop working hard.

When doing business, make sure you save more than spend money. Take advantage of all promising investment opportunities.

5. Save most of your income

Although already a billionaire, most wealthy businessmen never blur money in vain. In fact most of them always set aside most of the income for savings in the future. That’s why they can get rich for a long time.

6. Simple lifestyle

As wealth increases, the lifestyles of famous businessmen are even simpler and far from luxurious. Well, if you want to save money like the rich as well try to simple lifestyle even though income continues to increase.

Jobs that Will Lost and Grow Until 2020

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The impact of the era of digitalization and demographic bonuses will lead to the disappearance and emerging of new job opportunities.

To anticipate the loss of a number of jobs due to the development of information technology, it prepares a mapping regarding the sector of work that will grow and shrink the next 15 years.


The point of industry change as a result of the information technology revolution must be anticipated quickly because on the one hand create new job opportunities. But on the other hand also kills the old job.

The number of jobs that will increase in 2017-2020 include trainers, nurses, financial managers, lawyers, sales agents, analysts, physiological therapists, financial advisors, human resources, nurses, doctors, programmers and regular news services.

While a number of jobs are declining, namely administrative, mechanical, printing, mailman, driver, expedition officer, factory worker, operator, sewing machine, communication device and radio.

While in 2021-2025, related maintenance and installation work, mediation, medical, data analyst, information system manager, vocational counselor, environmental impact analyst will grow.

Instead, the jobs that will go down are receptionists, carpenters, three-dimensional designs, semiconductor processors, bank tellers, travel agents, fast-food cooks and machine operators.

Furthermore, for the period of 2026-2030, the types of jobs that will grow, namely designers, artificial intelligence programming, designers and machine automation controllers, software designers and online games. But the type of welder’s job, accountant staff, machine operators, truck drivers and engineers are getting knocked out.

Keeping Your Popular Business Organized and Sanitary

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The public bases the integrity and reliability of your business in part by its appearance. When it is dirty and dingy, people may be less inclined to visit your location and do business with you. They may think that you cannot treat customers right if you cannot keep the premises of your business clean.

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Rather than jeopardize your business’s reputation and profitability, you can keep it clean and organized by hiring a third-party contractor to handle this task for you. With professional sanitation, organization, and cleaning services Jacksonnville FL business owners like you can gain the trust of the public without having to hire more employees for this purpose.

Specialized Attention for Your Company

When you own and operate a busy dealership, you need it to look showroom new at all times. Everything from the surfaces of the car to the appearance of the floor can make or break your image with the public.

However, keeping everything spic and span can take hours of work that you cannot devote right now. You need to be ready to help people who come into your dealership to buy a new car. You also cannot afford to spare your sales help for this purpose.

After the business closes for the day, you can invite in contractors who are trained and skilled in keeping your business shiny and clean. They bring with them cleaning products and equipment needed for waxing, mopping, and scrubbing. By the time the dealership opens in the morning, the work can be done and the business ready to greet the public.

Pricing Out the Details

As lucrative as your dealership is right now, you might not want to dent your bottom line by hiring out these services. You may want to keep this contract arrangement within a certain price range so you have enough cash on hand to pay your employees, pay bills, and put cash into savings.

You can get quotes for the services by using the contact details on the website. You can also use it to arrange for services during certain hours or on certain days of the week.

Three Creative Ways to Advertise Your Small Business

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If you are a small business owner, you already know how important it is to attract new customers and keep the ones that you already have. Advertising can seem like an expense that your small business can not afford, especially if you don’t know how to go about doing it. Maybe you’ve already spent money on advertising only to be disappointed with the results. You can get creative as a small business owner and try new things to see if they can help your business grow. Here are three interesting ideas for advertising your business and helping it succeed.


First of all, consider advertising on vehicles in your area. This is especially useful if you own your own fleet of vehicles that you use for deliveries or other services. You can find fleet advertising from a reputable company like Sign Zoo and get started right away at advertising your brand around town. This is an especially effective way to advertise your company to locals since the fleet will drive in areas where your customers are likely to see it.

Next, make sure that you are making the most out of your social media accounts. Using social media is a very low-cost and effective way to get your brand known by many people. It’s also a great way to reach out and communicate with your already existing customers and to let them know about deals that you are offering for your business. If you aren’t comfortable with handling your social media accounts, consider hiring a pro to keep track of them and make sure that they are used well. Your business can have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other major platforms where you can talk to your customers for a very low price.

Finally, join neighborhood organizations to make sure that your small business is known in your community. Offer to give goods or services to non-profits in your area to improve your reputation and let people know that you care. Your small business will soon be known for its good deeds.

Tips for successful career before the age of 40 years

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Every woman must have his own success tips to achieve his ideals in a career. And in this day and age, more and more Eve are successful and even beat the men about career achievement. Many of them are able to achieve the peak of career and financial freedom before the age of 40.

There is also a successful CEO of a leading company Yahoo! before the age of 40 years like Marissa Mayer. Mayer, despite all his controversy while leading Yahoo !, is undeniably a successful career woman. The value of the wealth of former employees who became successful boss.

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To be sure, they sincerely pursue the career path until it becomes successful and rich as it is now. What is the recipe for these career women to be rich before the age of 40?

1. Diligent learning

Both Arini and Mayer are noted to have a qualified bachelor’s degree. But not the title that matters, but rather their diligence in learning. Arini in particular, could have inherited his father’s business without going to school for long.

Indeed, learning does not have to be done in school. However it is advisable to pursue an education in an official institution for the sake of self-maturity and connection.

There is also a successful career despite not graduating from college. Among them are Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, as well as the original Bob Sadino Indonesia. The point is willing to study diligently for the career.

2. Dare to move

Mayer is Google’s 20th employee. A great achievement. He also occupied a series of important positions in Google, until finally dared to take steps “crazy” move to Yahoo!

At that time, Yahoo! is a tough Google competitor who is ngos-ngosan. But Mayer wants to jump in there for a career. Long before, he had taken another crazy step when choosing Google, the company that counted still a young onion, among the 14 job offers that came after he graduated from college.

It’s no secret that the world of work is still dominated by men. That’s why career women should be braver to show off with confident capital.

Arini, for example, dared to open and expand the bookstore business even though the passion of reading Indonesians is minimal. The Minister of Education himself said the level of Indonesian literacy is still low. Yet Arini’s literary business proved successful in raising his name.

4. Ready to play a new role

A career trip means many new roles waiting to be played. If not ready to run the role, not impossible displaced by a more prepared colleagues.

Mayer who was a subordinate could be a boss, even led the company as big as Yahoo! because it is considered ready. Try if not. It is impossible for him to be hired as CEO.

So is Arini. His advanced family business was entrusted to him. Surely that’s because Arini is ready to play a new role in the course of his career.

Success is tempting. But like it or not, it is directly proportional to the burden of increasingly heavy. While still leading the team at Google, for example, Mayer did not have to think much about other teams. In contrast to when he became the leader of a large company classmate Yahoo !.

Likewise with Arini. Previously he might be able to focus more on his own efforts. Now, his family business is in his hands.

Do you want to be as successful as they are? Must be willing to bear more weight too. Everyone would want to be successful and rich. Especially before the age of 40 years. But for all, including a career woman, there is a stretched path that must be conquered first. Falling-wake is common. We must be willing to run it for the sake of picking up success in the way that we pioneered ourselves.

6 Financial habits that must begin at the age of 20

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Are you 20 years old? Surely some of you may have just worked on a standard salary. Nevertheless, you have to adapt because of your condition that already has its own income so it is not possible to ask parents while still in college.

Financial strategy

Because you already have this income, you must know how to manage good money so that no longer troublesome parents. You should be able to survive with the current salary condition.

Not only that, you also must be independent and have good habits in managing financial affairs. What is the habit like?

1. Consider Good Before Buying

Be sure to always consider before going to buy something. These good habits you should continue for as long as possible. That way, you in the future will not regret in spending money.

2. Always Allocate Spending for Savings

Even if you have a lot of plans while receiving a salary, it would be better to allocate your spending for inclusion. Saving is your first and most important obligation shortly after you receive your salary.

After that, you can just distribute the rest to some expenditure items. That way, there is no such thing as “failing to save” in life. You also do not have to worry when there is an urgent and other needs.

3. Prepare Funds for Retirement

Although still young, there is nothing wrong if you start making preparations for retirement. At least, while still young, you still have great energy to keep moving and working.

To have a pension fund, you can start by setting aside at least 15 percent of the income earned. The earlier you start, the more your retirement savings balance will be.

4. Make Payments Cashilan as Priority

Debt can be a problem that disrupts financial stability at any time. If you do have a pile of debt, go ahead to pay it off.

That way, the burden of thought and debt will not continue to interfere with life. Not only that, be sure not to owe too much money out of your financial ability.

5. Enjoy the Experience of Expenditures Done

Compared to spending money just to buy things that are less important, why not channel your money on something valuable such as experience?

For example, you use some income to take a foreign language course, cook, or go on vacation to places that can raise your knowledge.

6. Take a Side Job

At this young age, there is nothing wrong if you keep looking for something new in life. If in the past during college, you often work side by side while in college then there is no harm if it continues to continue despite having a major job.

The most important thing is not to disturb the main job. Not only get additional income, you also will get many benefits.

Starting from connections, experiences, and other things that are useful for your future.

Future Finance Will Be Helped with Healthy Habits

Without your awareness, healthy habits that you do today will give a big enough effect for the financial future. Your finances over the next 10 years will be greatly helped by the healthy behaviors you are running right now.