Make Your Customers The Faithful

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Business PrinciplesSurveys show that getting new customers, much more expensive and take a concerted struggle quite large. Relatively easier to retain existing customers than to get new customers. But many entrepreneurs or companies that forgotten about this, because it is too busy to find new customers. And with just a little touch of the old customers, will make your customers loyal to your product.

Before you attempt to increase customer loyalty, there are some questions you can answer to determine the condition of the loyalty of your current customers.

How many of your customers who run into your competitors, and become their loyal customers? Do you provide services make your customers come back or just run away from you? Are you positioning yourself as a customer? Will you buy and buy back in your company if you are a customer?

Honestly answer all of these questions, you will more easily consumer viewpoint through you. And you will be even easier to how to improve the quality of your services in their eyes.

Let’s see, how many businesses out of business simply because they are less thorough look into themselves. And how much of the potential is supposed to be an opportunity for some more into the transaction.

Before businesses are facing bankruptcy, stop running and failed to profit, it helps you as a business owner started to look inward and look at the contents of your business, if so far is enough to make your customers happy?

The following tips can be easily done by anyone, as long as it has the desire and commitment to do it consistent. Guaranteed if you do that then your customers will be loyal to you.

Are you selling a product that has the potential to bring repeat orders?

Factory razor, creating disposable razors, or refill. I-pod sell music through I-tunes. Eye timed disposable, a week or a month. It’s important to choose a business with a base of repeat orders or create complementary products or “accessories” that complement your main product at this time.

Light communication with your customers

When was the last time you send a “Thank You Note” to your customers? If you have not, do it now. How does it feel if it got a shipment of your customers “Thank You Note” sent by your company? Real example, there is a car service company that always sends one day after doing service. The text contents less is gratitude simply for using a car to their own service, and provide customer service number if there are problems after my car serviced.

Contact your customer that is long enough not to transact

Often this simple trick can provide tremendous impact. By calling back the expected minimum old customers will provide references that you can contact your prospects.

Send “reminder” to customers

We greatly appreciate one of the credit card companies are always sending an SMS which read: “Thank you if you have to pay credit card bla bla bla … before June 16, 2007. Your bill this month USD … Always use a credit card and get xxxx points every time you do a transaction “. Or no sms like, “Your car is supposed to be serviced again, we note your car services 4 months ago, we are waiting for your arrival.”

Basic Principles Essential Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs

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networkingVery interesting for me to write about internet marketing and increase sales through social media. Maybe there are 1,001 ways to improve marketing via social media. However, I think it only 3 basic things that need to be considered, although these 3 things often considered “old fashioned” and forgotten by the internet marketers today. Because when we talk about social media is part of internet marketing, internet marketing while the core of itself is a strategy that is tailored to the basic principles of the following:

1. Trust, trust and trust

Internet users are increasing every year in Indonesia (and not only increased, but also the more intelligent). A few years ago when we selling products / services via the internet maybe people would be very hesitant to trade because consumers are not yet familiar with this type of transaction. In addition, they are powerless to control and protect their rights in the online transaction. However, consumers now seem to have become accustomed to doing online transactions and has no legal protection in this country. Nevertheless, consumers still need to be careful in dealing with the first monitor status and track record of the seller. Therefore, the key to internet marketing (also marketing in general) course is 3T: Trust, trust and trust! Ancient business adage says: who trusted him the champion!

You can build a 3T in many ways, for example by collecting piecemeal customer testimonials, proof of delivery of goods and information as well as the reliable product quality assurance. In addition, by using social media at this time you can also build a community that can assist in spreading positive information about your business. Just keep in mind that social media is like a double-edged sword. If you are not able to use it well and wisely so instead of spreading a positive image, but it will spread bad information about your business. Therefore, Philip Kotler has far-away days remind us to always control the communication that occurs between the customer. Do not let happen negative conversation about our products. Perform rapid anticipation when beginning to find negative comments from consumers. If managed properly, the negative comments could be good advice and input to the advancement and improvement of our business services.

2. SEO should not be forgotten

When it comes to internet maketing of course there are the less it if we do not talk about SEO (search engine Optimation) because in principle put into the internet business means also put our business in a search system that will be found by potential customers via a search tool (most popular is Google). Therefore, in marketing products / services via the internet is certainly must analyze the various factors that the reason why and how a person visiting or stalls selling our (the term for a purchase online).

I divide the two main sections in the analysis of internet marketing. First, a general analysis using Google Analytic we will find out what keywords are used by surfers to find and from wherever they come from. Thus we can optimize our stall to be more easily found by potential customers. As in ancient marketing adage: buyers buy for their reasons. So in the era of internet marketing: finding a suitable buyer what they think and buy accordingly what they are looking for and find.

Second, the analysis of social media. We have to be very clever to analyze and formulate appropriate strategies internet marketing with social media being used. Currently available services Klout to analyze the effectiveness of our social media in attracting consumers.

Call it the top social media today: Facebook and Twitter are distinctly different characteristics in internet marketing. If on Facebook we can easily determine the appropriate target market you want to target, for example by gender, town or place of work and so on. Meanwhile, on Twitter we can not determine the target market like this. Hence, Twitter is more effective to be used as a medium to build brand awareness and community who are interested in a particular theme or location information compared to Facebook’s more suitable for photo display products / activities of the company.

Another with G + new services. Business Page of giant Google is providing a lot of convenience to internet marketers to integrate their page with other Google services, including Google search engine that is super powerful. Each page G + that have been made will be registered automatically to the Google search engine. Thus, internet marketer easier to control and focus on the optimization of the content of the page is in accordance with the target market.

Again, the analysis of internet marketing it is very important both for Internet marketing in general and in particular through social media. As well as the analysis easier, cheaper and accurate due directly to the subject to be targeted.

3. Thinking more strategically

If before I submit it tactically in order to stall selling online we easily found by consumers, so in this section I will invite you to also think more strategically in their internet marketing strategy.

Most online sellers imagine that by opening an online shanties they will benefit greatly. In fact, if calculated more accurately suppose that the products offered have a profit of Rp. 40 thousand, then it is conceivable to obtain a profit of Rp.4 million he had to sell the product as much as 100 pcs a month! As said by social media expert Indonesia, Nukman Lutfie, the amount of the total sales target is unrealistic if internet marketing is not helped by other people.

The best solution is to make internet marketing as a means to build and strengthen the system via an online marketing agency. Until now, we’ve had almost 150 resellers spread in various provinces and cities in Indonesia. With a well-developed system of agents, sales targets can be easily achieved without the need to bother to market the product as a “brutal”.

Perform Market Research Before Starting a Business

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It is often neglected the business is market research. Indeed, although there are many successful entrepreneurs do not do market research, but it is certain that the number of entrepreneurs who are successful and do market research far more than those who do not do market research. Both in terms of quantity, as well as a percentage.

market research

That is the reason why market research becomes important for even small scale businesses. Market research should not be done with advanced technology, in-depth scientific study, or expensive and even if you can not do market research, there are many companies that can conduct market research to make the business as Redshift Research. Of course research to large scale are likely to need it. However, for small-scale research, the most important thing is to get the required data about what the character of the target market.

Types of Market Research

Market research can be divided into two types: primary research and secondary research. Primary research is the collection of market data in accordance with current conditions and performed right on target buyers, while secondary research is the collection of market data delayed from the current conditions and carried out in a broader scale by third parties.

Besides useful to get the current conditions, primary research can also be used to monitor the competitors based on market perspectives. The method can be done for primary research can be:

  • Interview (via phone, chat, or face to face)
  • Survey (online or offline)
  • Questionnaire (online or offline)
  • Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

Primary research is often not enough. In a broader scale, we need data from a third party that can explain more detailed information about the target market. Then when we must conduct secondary research? When the primary research has not fully provide the data we need on the market, both demographic and psychographic. Secondary research methods are not much different from the primary research, only third parties and do not necessarily describe the current condition (could be too late in the span of months to years).

Information that Must be Provided by Market Research

Market research should be able to get the following data:

Information industry

How big is the size of the industry? How does the growth prospects for the future? What trends are emerging at a later time and how large / long effect?

Characteristics of the target market

  • What the market needs related products / services you provide?
  • The value of what you give on your products / services to address those needs?
  • Anyone interested in purchasing a product / service?
  • How do they know the product / service?
  • How do they buy it?
  • What makes them buy back?
  • What factors make them buy the product / service?
  • What factors make them satisfied with the product / service?
  • What is the fee they want or deserve to spend to buy?
  • And a variety of other questions.

Business competition

Who are our competitors? What makes the target market choose a competitor? What price do they offer? What kind of market characteristics of our competitors? How big is the threat of new players in the products / services do we offer? Are there any products / services that affect our sales?

This information will be used to develop the company’s strategy (in the form of data internal / external which is then used in the SWOT analysis). Market research complete and accurate will make the company’s strategy to be more powerful to achieve specified targets.

Four Tips to Maximize Promotion Brochure

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The brochure is one method that is commonly done business promotion. Promotion of this kind can be done by small businesses that have limited promotion funds. Here are tips to maximize your campaign with brochures.

marketing tips with Brochure

1. Brochures should be exciting

This point is important because the time used to read the brochure is very short so that the choice of attractive colors, layout and most importantly is accompanied by an offer benefits for people who take action more quickly.

2. Define your target market

Although the cost of making relatively cheap when compared to the brochure other promotional media, but if it is not on target to be the same as throwing money in vain. Before you give out brochures to people, make sure that you have a list of target market along with their characteristics.

3. Spread to the right target market

Perform the distribution of brochures on the right target market, for example in seminars, exhibitions, or spread flyers to housing complexes that fit your target market. Inserts into the newspaper / tabloid also effective.

4. Always do a test and measuring

This is an important point for the successful deployment of your brochure. Always do a test before a massive deployment of well testing on the material brochures, target market and distribution methods. The way the test is quite simple, ask some people who become your target market to see and comment on the brochure that you create. If they are interested in a brochure that you make and want to make a purchase on the spot, then be prepared to disseminate it massively. Once the deployment is done always measure the success of your brochure distribution. If there are less then a correction must be made in order not to repeat the same mistakes.

Special Strategy Building a Business Online

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Technological developments provide easiness in all aspects, including in the business world. If the first business must have outlets or shops, now only by building a ‘shop’ on the internet you have to do transaction.

SSL certificate

To build an online business or an online store is no special strategy so that customers will browse the products are sold. The following tips.

1. URL Must Pretty

Site Network Solution explains, the URL or website address should be clear and easy to read. Your online address is an important element in the marketing and branding.

2. Secured Transactions Safe

Set up a merchant account so that your online store is safe when processing credit card and other transactions. Make sure you at least a merchant account to accept credit cards labeled with Visa, Master Card and Paypal payment, as well as receive other bank payments.

3. Create Online Store Attractive and Easily Accessible

Online store so that you draw, you should cooperate with a professional web designer. Besides being attractive, your website should also be easy to navigate by the customer.

4. Must Clear Product Image

When people shop online, they certainly want to know everything about the products they buy. Just like shopping at the store, the customer wants to know the quality of the product. BerganBlue site explains, is very important if a clear and detailed picture of the product. The photo quality is determined here. Moreover, upload some photos and take from different angles.

5. Discounts

To attract customers, provide attractive offers, such as giving a discount. Notify if the online store you’re giving out discounts through e-newsletters, Twitter and Facebook as a promotional medium.

Want to Run a Successful Social Media Marketing?

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In a further development of the modern business world today would make employers must keep updating and mastering technologies that continue to emerge. One business affected sectors in the development and growth of technology is marketing or marketing.

social media marketing

Business is not going to be separated from marketing. Well in marketing in this modern era you will get a number of businesses that use social media as a flagship. The rise of social media users is so massive it does then make a lot of direct business to social media marketing plan.

But to make your social media marketing plan is running successfully, you can not run in vain. You need to execute this plan with a precise technique. To initiate this plan at least you need to answer the following questions.

1. What is the purpose of Social Media Marketing?

The first question that must be answered in order to succeed through social media marketing plan is what you want to get out of social media? With social media will indeed there is much to be gained by entrepreneurs such as the expansion of the network of business relationships, interactions with customers, promotion of new products or also increase branding or brand.

Well this is where you need to focus more on marketing plans using social media. Set a goal that you most expect from the marketing plan of the social media. Why should it be focused? Because the focus, you will be able to make your plans are quickly achieved success.

2. Who will handle Social Media Accounts?

In running a social media marketing plan of course you have to spend a lot of time in order to succeed. Well, when you’re really going to do it, then you should already take into account who will handle the social media? Whether your own or someone else. You as a business generally will not have much time to take care of it.

Then usually many businesses are currently hiring a social media specialist that is, people who have expertise or specialization in the care of social media accounts. With a lack of clarity about who is taking care of this social media marketing plan then you will have a clear picture for the future.

3. What are the Social Media Be Used?

The name alone social media marketing, you’d wrestle with social media now. As more and more social media options that exist now of course you have to choose the social media will be used. You may select multiple social media, but you can not choose all the social media for your marketing plan you make it.

To select the most effective social media several possible criteria you can make reference such as the number of users that a lot or content or features that can support your business product or service.

4. What are the Social Media Content That Will Loaded?

In carrying out social media marketing course you will conduct a post or share something. Well this is where you have to think what would you post on social media.

Of course, to make a success of your marketing plan, you can not just to post. There are things that really need to be posted, but there is also no need to be posted. It all depends on the purpose and focus of your marketing previous plan.

5. How to Measure Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing Plan?

Lastly, the question needs to be answered for the success of a social media marketing plan is how to measure the effectiveness of the plan has been implemented. Sure to be successful the need for in-depth evaluation of the effectiveness or success of the plan during this run.

If indeed there is less or not effective, then you can immediately repair or possibly replace with another plan. Some measuring the effectiveness of these techniques can be done with the features insight on Facebook or,, and other analytic tools website Twitter.