Challenges of Running a Home-Based Business & How to Deal with Them

Whether you’re planning to produce homemade items for sale or offer web-based services, the thought of running a business from your home sounds like living in paradise. Imagine working in the comforts of home and close to your family, who wouldn’t think of that as a privilege? Unfortunately, there are some people who believe they aren’t effective when they’re working at home or running a home-based company.

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Is running your planned business at home appropriate for you? Well, if you don’t know the answer yet or if you have no experience with remote work, the best thing you can do is to understand the challenges you will be facing along the way. Assess yourself and your situation to see how you can deal with these difficulties.

You can get overwhelmed with important yet minor tasks.

Running a business at home doesn’t just involve contacting your clients and delivering what’s expected of you. Behind successful operations, you’ll need to maintain administrative paperwork to ensure proper documentation and monitoring. Aside from that, you will also have to deal with telephone calls, which could distract you while working. And it’s frustrating when you realise that the calling party has dialled the wrong number. But you still have to answer the calls because each unanswered one can be an opportunity cost to your business. You wouldn’t like that would you?

The Solution?

Don’t put your hands up in resignation yet! You can outsource your administrative tasks to individuals or companies offering virtual assistance services. In this way, you free yourself from the hassle of doing mundane yet important minor tasks. You will have more time to focus on what matters most. If the nature of your business allows potential clients to contact you, then hire someone else to answer. But before that, it helps to get to know your virtual receptionist first to make sure that your customers as well as the potential ones are treated professionally.

You can be easily distracted especially with your family around.

The best thing about having a home business is you can attend to your family immediately. But it can also be the worst thing especially when your children want your attention while you’re working.

The Solution?

To prevent them from distracting you in the first place, you need to set a time when you should be working – and don’t forget your breaks. Inform all family members about your schedule and tell them that you should only be disturbed when absolutely necessary or in case of emergency. It also helps to have a closed room as your home office to avoid your children from running straight into your working space and playing there.

The motivation to work in a cosy home environment can be hard.

Running your office from home may sound like heaven, but you can’t deny the fact that it can be tempting to take constant breaks when you’re at home.

The Solution?

Make sure you assign a specific area or room solely for your business tasks. Treat it as your workplace at home, from the colours you choose for the office interiors to the equipment you place or install in the area. As much as possible, the computer in that area should only be used for work-related matters only so as to avoid installing games that you or your children will play with.

Are you up for these challenges? If you are, then perhaps it’s time for you to pursue that home-based business idea of yours!