Five Things You Wanted Consumer Business Transactions

servicesNo doubt that all human beings need things like water, food, security, and friends to survive. But, in fact desires tend to be more encouraging than the needs of a person’s decision. For example, most of us already have what we need to live. But, we still want the other things like comfort, good clothes, and so on. Therefore, it is important for marketers to know what the real wishes of the consumer. Well, here are 5 things that generally desirable consumer base.

1. Ease. Life can be so difficult or at least uncomfortable. When a product or service to offer something that can make life easier, we as customers would be interested.

For example, for people who are busy and do not have time to cook dinner, of a restaurant into its own convenience to get food.

2. physical comfort. Warm towel after a shower or a pair of house slippers sometimes be the perfect solution when the body wants comfort.

In fact the human body can handle extremely harsh environmental conditions. But, of physical comfort for some people become a necessity as a way to reward yourself.

3. Mental stimulation. The brain is a wonderful organ and we feed our brains with entertainment, games, performing arts, and hours of Sudoku. These things into something that could break the monotony or boredom our conditions.

We might have to work continuously every day of the year, but it will be more enjoyable if we occasionally do a different activity as entertainment.

4. Strengthening identity. We can survive only by wearing ordinary clothes. That which we call with needs. However, some people want a certain clothing brand, a certain car, or other products in order to strengthen their identity.

5. Social Recognition. Self-image does not live in a vacuum. Of course we want others to acknowledge the images of ourselves. The customers want the service or product that could make him socially recognized. For example, someone knows himself recognized smart because he got a bachelor’s degree and a beautiful transcripts from educational institutions reliable.