Four Tips to Maximize Promotion Brochure

The brochure is one method that is commonly done business promotion. Promotion of this kind can be done by small businesses that have limited promotion funds. Here are tips to maximize your campaign with brochures.

marketing tips with Brochure

1. Brochures should be exciting

This point is important because the time used to read the brochure is very short so that the choice of attractive colors, layout and most importantly is accompanied by an offer benefits for people who take action more quickly.

2. Define your target market

Although the cost of making relatively cheap when compared to the brochure other promotional media, but if it is not on target to be the same as throwing money in vain. Before you give out brochures to people, make sure that you have a list of target market along with their characteristics.

3. Spread to the right target market

Perform the distribution of brochures on the right target market, for example in seminars, exhibitions, or spread flyers to housing complexes that fit your target market. Inserts into the newspaper / tabloid also effective.

4. Always do a test and measuring

This is an important point for the successful deployment of your brochure. Always do a test before a massive deployment of well testing on the material brochures, target market and distribution methods. The way the test is quite simple, ask some people who become your target market to see and comment on the brochure that you create. If they are interested in a brochure that you make and want to make a purchase on the spot, then be prepared to disseminate it massively. Once the deployment is done always measure the success of your brochure distribution. If there are less then a correction must be made in order not to repeat the same mistakes.