Fundamental differences Steve Jobs and Tim Cook

Post Steve Jobs passed away last October 2011, the position was occupied by the Apple CEO Tim Cook. During the four years of his leadership, Cook has received various assessments.

steve and tim cook

There are assessing Cook is the right person for cold hands and Jobs has proved able to save Apple’s current financial crisis a few years ago. But there are also those who say that Cook had betrayed Jobs, for example with the introduction of Apple Pencil stylus, an accessory that Jobs hated lifetime.

Regardless of that assessment, Jobs and Cook actually has distinctive character of each, especially in the lead. At least, it was agreed by Charlie Rose, a senior journalist at once hosted 60 Minutes Overtime, the event of CBSNews that a few days ago brought Cook as guest star.

“Steve is a visionary. He has a great sense in marrying humanity with technology. The team, in contrast, is an engineer (engineer),” he explained.

Although already changed skippers, Rose highlighted in Apple body and its staff today, still flowing ‘DNA’ of the main Jobs, the ‘perfectionist’, in addition to the ‘simplicity’ and ‘desire to change the world’.

“You have to believe that the values ​​he had so great. As you know, obsession over perfection still surrounds the people who work with him”.

On the other hand, Cook felt no need to beat Jobs.

“I love Steve. Steve was not my competitors. He chose me and I want to do every thing that I could best as possible, with all the energy I have,” Cook.