Get Your Customers By Getting It

business planIf you already have a social networking account and gain followers and fans, but still not a lot of people talking about your brand and your sales do not go up as well, it’s time to try some of the following trick so that your customers want to come.

Do not be too much promotion

No one can make people reluctant than companies that only send promotional material or sales continuously. Social networking is not advertising media such outspoken. Be social with first establish communication with potential consumer segment that you shoot. They want a brand that can be interacted with the human beings not robots.

Give incentives

Do not make the mistake of making the same message in the same social network. Offers specific to any social networking and promotion of different, followers and fans you will encourage more people to find you.

Make it easy for them to find you

Make sure your name social networking is the name of the company and is easy to find. On websites and blogs as well as e-mail, please include a link / links that clear so that people can visit your social networking account.

Do a little research

Do not be afraid to use consumer email list when they want to create an account. The majority of the platform has the option Add Your Friend will find every user in your email contact list. Another option is to use a program like Flowtown or RapLeaf.

Create a contest

Who does not like to race? Many people like contests like this to make more active followers and feel involved in the company to become a competitor.