Habits of successful people at night

Successful people certainly have a lot of activity. However, that does not mean they lose their personal lives. Although some of them are thinking more about the work, some are choosing to enjoy their spare time.


They keep doing things that are productive, in the morning or night. Maybe you can emulate one of them to be more useful routines. You can think of other more enjoyable activities.

Here are 6 people succeed with their habits in the evening after completing the activity.

1. Barack Obama

Habits: preparation for tomorrow

Either because of the nature or the demands of work, President Obama often spend several hours each night, set a schedule for duty the next day. He wrote his activities as a whole so that he can be as prepared as possible in the face of day, and even solve problems with overcooked. You can imitate it by making a schedule of activities at critical times.

2. Vera Wang

Habit: seek inspiration

After checking email from the staff, Vera Wang will allocate part of the night for the expression of the design. Because of the directional nature, it makes Wang more smoothly in the flow of ideas at an important time.

Modeled Vera Wang, does not mean you have to keep thinking about work when I go home. But it would not hurt if you do some minor actions to avoid job unexpectedly.

3. Joel Gascoigne

Habit: ambled

Every afternoon, after all the work is done, the CEO of Buffer, Joel Gascoigne take advantage of 20 minutes to walk. He will do this before it finally relax themselves and sleep. Gascoigne did this in order to feel tired until it easier to rest.

4. Bill Gates

Habits: reading a book

Bill Gates spent an hour before bedtime to read every day. Gates doing this to relieve stress levels and improve cognitive function.

In addition, he will gain new knowledge about the next big innovation that may arise.

5. Ariana Huffington

Habits: turn off the phone

Many workaholics find it impossible to turn off their phones even just overnight. But those who advocate need to do this process.

Ariana Huffington choose to turn off his cell phone after the completion of activities and stay away from the bed.

6. Alex Blumburg

Habits: discussion with family

Former NPR producer, Alex Blumburg, talking about wanting to spend more time with his young wife Nasneen. Blumburg will talk about the desirability of success in his own company, also talked about his influence.