Hand Guns for Competitions Possess a Different Character

Serious gun enthusiasts understand that there is a major difference between guns made for home protection, guns made for tactical offense and guns made for competitions. Some of the best handguns in the world can be classified as tactical offensive systems. They are made for the military, giving soldiers the technology they need in order to stalk the enemy and do their jobs. Other guns are made for the home, allowing a person the ability to defend themselves in a dangerous situation. Others, though, are made for those competitions where gun owners are trying to impress with more than just their shooting ability. In competitions, the goal is to show that one has command of his weaponry. This is where competition hand guns come into play.

competition hand guns

What sets apart a hand gun made for competitions? First, they are often lighter than their home defense counterparts. Competitions are known to measure two primary components. They test a gun owner’s speed and accuracy. These are simulations meant to mimic what a gun owner might go through in his or her own home if something bad happened. This means that the best guns for competition are light enough that a competitor can pull them quickly. Heavier guns are simply more difficult to haul around in a mobile setting where every millisecond can make a difference.

Hand guns for competitions should also be deadly accurate. In some settings, it makes more sense to sacrifice accuracy in favor of more power. If one is trying to make sure they can take down an intruder with one shot, then having a more powerful gun might be critical. When one gets a more powerful weapon, there is usually some sacrifice in accuracy. This is just the nature of guns and how they are made. The best guns for competitions, though, are the ones that provide accuracy. Hitting the target is more important than obliterating the target in most competition formats.

Above all else, choosing a hand gun for a competition is about finding a gun that a person can use with confidence. Those who do well in competitions end up learning how their guns work and what they can do. If a person is not comfortable with how his gun performs, then he is far less likely to be competent with it. The best gun owners know these distinctions.