Have you Assessing Customer Satisfaction Against Your Business

customer-loyaltyTips entrepreneurs this time talking about how to assess the level of customer satisfaction. Judging by measuring the level of customer satisfaction is very important to a business or a business, because of the value that we can evaluate the position of our products in the market competition, by knowing the position of our products, then we will be able to compare our products with competitors’ products so that we can improve on product to get high rankings in the market competition.

If we do not do a market evaluation of the possibility we could lose customers, therefore, to retain our customers need to know how customer satisfaction with the products that we sell. According to Kotler and Fandy Tjiptono (2002) we can measure customer satisfaction in the following way:

Through a system of complaints and suggestions

Every company should have a system of complaints and suggestions. It is necessary to give consumers the greatest possible opportunity to provide constructive criticism and suggestions or even the opinion of the consumer. From this we can know how good and bad of our products. And information obtained from consumers can be used as a source of inspiration so that we can create on and more innovative in managing a product. In addition, suggestions and complaints from customers, we can also directly addressing and responding to the source of the problems occurred.

Customer satisfaction survey

Through this survey allows a business to get a direct response from a customer. In this case there are three different

Namely direct measurement performed by a business to its customers as an expression of the question “how satisfied are you with our products?” And you will get very dissatisfied, dissatisfied, neutral, satisfied, and very satisfied.

Derived Dissatisfaction

This question put two things, namely how much the expectations of customers towards the products that we have and secondly how the quality of our business performance perceived by the customer.

Problem Analysis

Customers are expected to reveal two respondents as a key point in this case, the first is the problem – the problem faced related to business products and the second is the advice – advice that is intended for our efforts.

Ghost Shopping

This way by hiring other people who act as competitors ‘customers, in other words ghost shopper will purchase products from our competitors and expose the weaknesses and advantages of our competitors’ products based on experience and purchase the product – the product of urine.

Last Analysis Customer

The method is done by companies who will contact customers to unsubscribe from our efforts, to find some information on the cause cessation of customers. So they can take the next policy to improve business performance and product quality.