Here’s How to Sell Without Selling Looks Like

business eficient“The longer I’m in business, the more I realized that matters little to sell products or services related to the product or service itself,” said Paul Spiegelman, founder and CEO of BerylHealth, a company engaged in medical care services.

According to him, selling is about building a relationship of trust. And one way to build a relationship of trust that he does is to find common ground.

As CEO, he realized that he was responsible for sales and he is in a unique position where it is required to build a relationship with their relationships in the company in which he tried to offer their products.

The problem he faces is Beryl is a company that is still relatively small in the middle market healthcare industry. And he found that approaching the “Level C”, aka Chief or Director, it feels like walking into a dinner at the White House without an invitation. Small success ratio. Even more likely seized by security officers to the exit.

Over time he realized that the best way to sell them is to “promote discussion” beyond the theme of the products or services he offers.

Actually, according to Paul Spiegelman, the higher the level of a person in the company, the less interested he is with the features and benefits of your product.

Instead, the product or service should not be a topic in your first few interactions. Look for ways to build a relationship of trust, then the order will follow. According to him, you have to be patient and disciplined.

Here are five ways to sell without trying to sell by Paul Spiegelman:

1. Be a leader who cleverly

“Nothing stands out from what I do. My business is a commodity business: call center outsourcing services the hospital. So I started from different entities, a research institute, to capture the questions and the larger issue of patient experience health services, “said Paul.

These institutions produce case studies and papers are full of data about a topic that is in the minds of the healthcare industry executives. “This gives a level of credibility that Beryl had never imagined before, which produces a halo effect that goes beyond our capacity”.

2. Discover the passion (desire or passion) is your greatest

“My biggest passion in business is corporate culture and employee engagement,” said Paul. According to him, two things that are the subject of the most sought after and most want to talk about by the CEO, particularly in the health care sector is currently undergoing a cultural transformation.

3. Sharing knowledge

“When I contacted the CEO of which he is interested in the topic, I would look for the latest news on the topic and absorb the additional information that is relevant. I often send a hard copy of an important article with short notes handwritten,” said Paul.

Personal touch, he said, is still a powerful tool to build a relationship of trust.

4. Ask for advice

Instead of selling something to the CEO, the better explain the vision and strategy of your company, and ask him if you are already on the right track. A top executive is always more than happy to give you honest feedback. And that’s when the real without him knowing it started to “buy” for your success.

5. Interview an executive for a book or article

“I’m writing my third book, which specifically discusses the healthcare industry. I have interviewed 25 CEOs hospital and I have not stopped until now,” he said. Most people feel honored to be interviewed for a publication.

“Do you realize there are less of these tips? Products.” Many “prospect” that I may not know exactly what my company does. However, in the process, I tend to have learned about my client’s business challenges candidates, already knows what he wants, and has developed trust and credibility “.

If you follow this advice, it is likely your new friend will ask if you can help. If not, at least you have the opportunity to offer assistance. And now, not only to work for your company and spur yourself again and again, but you have to get support, and build your success from the top.

“I believe, you will soon see sales growth outside the relationship you have built, and are grateful to help discover what is really needed by the great people that you just recognize,” he said