Here’s How To Small Business Get Great Clients

businesss partnerGetting clients included in the ranks of large and reputable company is a good way to make your business known and sought-after. But how to get the high profile clients, while not easy to gain their trust.

Here are 5 ways that small businesses can attract large clients presented by Verne Harnish, CEO of Gazelles Inc., a company executive education:

1. Relieve the burden of the client

Help clients shed jobs unattractive to large companies, where they face are too high employee salaries, and other parts of the job that are not profitable to be maintained.

Standard Functional Foods Group in Nashville, CEO Jimmy Spradley, managed to convince the corporate food to become their clients by offering to produce a brand new food or a small one like granola bars.

This helps them move their clients to not operate in small production. By doubling orders from other companies, he built a profitable business and targeting sales of US $ 150 million this year.

2. Understand how they buy

Aria Systems, a California-based technology company, lost a business deal as soon as their sales team found that three department heads that they offer their products at a company has just resigned.

The founder, Edward Sullivan, said that since then the company created a separate marketing materials for each group of “influential people” in the company prospect.

Now they have won a deal from Disney and Ingersoll-Rand. Sullivan uses this approach to last startup G2Link, whose main activity is to monitor the performance of credit bank customers.

3. Offer a supplier diversity program management

Generally, a company that has a very large and well-established feel to have social responsibility and environmental stewardship efforts. If you are a business man who is born of minorities, large companies are concerned with the issue of diversity (race, religion, ethnicity, etc.), equity, and equality; will be happy to accept to cooperate with you, even they will train you how to work with them.

Said George Gendron, advisory board members in Innitiative for a Competitive Inner City, a non-profit organization in Boston, “They not only help you find other high profile clients, but also make sure you have the ability to cooperate with them.

4. Be prominent

Recognizing that large companies concerned with what people say about them on sites like Twitter, Dyn, a technology company which consists of 135 employees in Manchester, making silly twit form of a video, like a music clip which they called “Dyn Love Expedia “, to Expedia and five other companies.

And now they are negotiating with four prospective clients. “Materials such increase awareness about what we do and opened our doors for business talks,” said Ryan O’Hara, chief business development team.

5. Stay focused

Not to deviate from your primary purpose because large companies require you to participate in their program that deviated from the main activities of your business.

Focus on numerical targets, such as hook 1,000 new customers to the client, and straight at them when you start to deviate from your main mission due to their requests.

“Bring them back to their goal of your contract”, advice David Rich, CEO of ICC / Decision Services, a New York consulting firm.

If you successfully achieve the targets that they give, then you’ll sign you for a second time.