How Expert Witnesses Shape Trial Outcomes Today

When one goes to trial, there are many different things that can determine success or failure. Success can be determined by the quality of lawyer, the quality of case, or even a few luck components. What many people don’t realize is that one reason why trials are won or lost comes down to the quality of an expert witness. Especially in the construction industry, these witnesses can shape how the jury views an incident, giving credibility to one side or another. A good construction expert witness can take a relatively difficult issue and turn it into something that the jury can understand, winning points for one side in the process.

construction expert

The rise of construction consulting services can be linked, at least in part, to the need for expert witness testimony. In today’s world, lawyers can have a very difficult time describing difficult or complex topics to juries. If the lawyer is not well-versed in the topic, then the lawyer can come across as over his head. The jury will see this, and they will respond accordingly. This will hurt the credibility of the lawyer not only on the complex point, but also with other points that he is trying to make.

Credibility is king in trials, and good expert witnesses benefit a case by bringing this sort of credibility to the table. Quite often, a good expert witness can help your side build the sort of appeal that can resonate throughout the rest of the case. When the jury hears a good, believable expert, they will know that your case is one that’s worthy of their time. While you might think that this kind of credibility can be attained without the help of an expert, this is often not true. History suggests that in the majority of cases, it is the side with the better experts that comes out on top.

While this might seem like a big investment on the front end of a case, it can bring back a number of different benefits on the back end. It is more than often worth the money for one side to bring in a person who understands complex topics. The average jury just will not know why a certain thing is unreasonable or likely to cause harm. When used properly, an expert fills the void, giving the jury knowledge that it might have otherwise lacked.