How To Easily Set Time To More Effective

Sometimes we feel that the time given to complete the task and the work is too short. Many of them are grounded not be able to complete the work on time because they do not have much time. But you know sometimes errors in the set time comes from yourself. That’s why we also need to manage our time in order to be effective.


1. Passion, you can do earlier or more frequent

There are times when we just do something without knowing the purpose or benefit. The reason is because it’s not our passion so we do not do it wholeheartedly. Now is the time to change it. Try to find your passion and run first before starting another job. It can make you more excited in the day, when in the early days was happy at work. You can do this passion more often, because it could be your passion is a distinct advantage for you.

2. Start your day with a to do list

If you include people who are difficult to manage time, write a schedule is a way that can help you. You can write a series of work or any dependents to be completed the same day. It will help you set the time when the discipline to know that you will continue to work and complete the task.

3. Have an alternative way

Every job that you feel difficult and even take a long time to complete, you can find alternative ways. You do have to know what you should do first and must be completed first. When you have trouble, you can not just keep quiet. You have to look for other ways, so that other jobs did not fall apart.

4. Set your time to check email

If we work in a company, an email or place your communication media with fellow employees, supervisor, team or even customers. It would be important to you. Almost every day you definitely get a different email. If you have plenty of time to check them, then it does not matter. But what you are busy. Try to make a list / set when you need to check and email reply.

5. Live each activity in accordance with the rules

If you want to have a regular life, have plenty of time to complete the task, you must follow the rules that have been defined. Such as when attending meetings. Follow the rules of what is made, such as can not be late and others. It will make you more disciplined and not lose time for other activities