How to Make Employee Discipline?

Question as the title above seems quite right. The real problem is not how to make employees obedient or diligent. However, how the system is built to manage any way employees work, the work that we are targeting will be achieved.


The most important thing is to build a standardization work such as working hours of employees in order to set the exact time the company installed a employee time clocks. Furthermore, the documentation needs to be made clear division of tasks and related to SOP.

Target work each employee derived from large targets. Make sure each employee agreed to this target at the beginning of the year, as well as understand the rules and consequences. Not only bad consequences, but also reward when reaching the target. Show the employee that the achievement of short-term target is a small step toward their career aspirations are highest. Prepare them with qualified competencies through coaching.

Target businesses both long term and short term would have to be arranged in a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable and Time Based). Otherwise, the employee is also difficult to understand let alone achieve it. Clear and challenging targets will certainly make employees excited and feel like playing games. Moreover, if there is a small reward and positive feedback at any time when there is progress.

Well, if it feels exciting chase the target, then it is no longer need to worry about whether they want to go home at what time and at what time. Discipline working hours not become yet another benchmark for success.