How To Successfully Open a Bar in Texas

Many people are looking for a business of their own to operate, and quite a few are drawn to the freedom and flexibility that a bar can bring to the table. In most parts of Texas, bar ownership is an option that is growing in appeal. However, there are special rules and regulations that must be taken into account prior to obtaining a license to sell alcohol. Since this is obviously a requisite ingredient of bar ownership, take some time to consider the steps necessary to successfully open a bar in the state of Texas.

Liquor license

It All Begins With the License

While there will be difference licensing requirements depending upon what you hope to sell in your bar, the one constant is that you will need a license to sell alcohol before you can open. Along with this, you will need to have a business tax certificate and agree to pay your tax in regular payments as necessitated by existing Texas law. While this might sound like a daunting task, TABC licensing is rather straight forward and there are firms that will help walk you through the process.

Conduct Your Research

Before deciding upon a location for your bar, you will want to conduct some extensive research. There are a great many parameters to consider here. You do not want to consider opening in an area where you will not receive an alcohol permit. These include locations that are too close to an existing school or religious institution, so keep that in mind. It is also important to consider the market that you are hoping to enter into. Is it already saturated? If so, you might have a difficult time competing with already established bars in the area. Doing a bit of homework on the front end will maximize your earning potential on the back end.

These are just a few of the items you will want to consider as you open a bar in Texas. You want to make sure that you have government licensing requirements accounted for before you ever serve one drop of alcohol. It is also helpful to be up to date on your legal obligations as a bar owner, so educate yourself early and often. Prepare to enter an exciting world as you begin establishing a business aimed at helping your patrons to have a great day or evening out on the town.