How You Can Easily New Customers

customer-loyaltyMany people who think, prospecting customers often likened to fishing only with sticks and fishing line. Once the rod was thrown into the river or into the sea, inducement will attract fish. But according to Tom Hopkins, for superior sales training consultant in the company (Tom Hopkins International), which is often forgotten is, choose a location to throw the hook, and bait fish’s likes.

In terms of choosing a spot of fishing, for example, you need to specify the criteria of your customers. An ideal customer should at least meet the following five criteria:

1. He was between 25 and 35 years
2. Married
3. Stay within a radius of 8 km from the location of your store
4. Have children of school age
5. Driving as far as at least 48 miles per week

According to Hopkins, if you are not able to mention at least five characteristics of consumers who want to reach, your business will not grow faster. To obtain these characteristics, try to observe three major customers. What they have in common? From these answers, you will know the characteristics of your customers.

After that, begin to describe your customers. Are they teens? Entrepreneurs? Or mature age women? Think of them as a group of customers. You may have a preferred service teenager, but who invest their money? Definitely parents. Then you will need more than a marketing strategy to make the sale.

After that, you need to find a way to reach potential customers you have. If you are targeting housewives, where you can find them other than at school? Could be in hypermarkets, mini market, a car wash, a gym, or at food stalls. In these places you can put up posters or flyers of your business in its bulletin boards, especially those located close to the school. Do not forget, women are being impulsive. They are easily tempted with brochures product offerings.

If your product is a segment of women with high income, where they can meet? Whether in fine dining restaurants, in places slimming, or in beauty clinics? These places may not allow you to attach carelessly or distributing flyers. But try to find a place where there is usually a board advertising a product. You can also try to create a mailing list for people who become members in a slimming, beauty clinics, or the fitness center.

However, the easiest way to get new customers is to ask their names from existing customers. You just need to ask. You certainly can not directly ask for the names of friends of your customers. Ask, for example, “Usually when again the same clinic to anyone, ma’am?” Or, “Friends Mom already has the equipment necessary to exercise or not?”

Another way is by offering special discounts to customers, if they want to bring new customers. The concept is sort of get member. When they bring the customer, will get a bonus of a particular product. The bonus will increase if they bring more new customers. Locks of bonuses or gimmick of this kind is to offer something that is quite useful for customers, so they are willing to invite a friend to join using your products or services.

You can work with a coffee shop or bookstore, for instance, to give a gift voucher for the customer. Thus, you will also reap the rewards promotion of business owners that you get the cooperation.