It’s All In The Words

There are many ways to use a PowerPoint presentation. They can be used in a business meeting or while giving a lesson at school. In order to keep the attention of the audience, you should try to make each slide of the presentation as customized as possible. You should also try to keep the same theme in the presentation instead of changing from one theme to another with each slide.

power point presentation

Choose the colors of the presentation carefully. Don’t use bright colors as these can often strain the eyes of those who view the slides. Darker colors are ideal, especially with the text. A light background can help bring out the dark colors of the words. Flat colors are often the best thing to use as you can get your points across and still have color on each slide. Don’t add too many pictures, but make sure the audience knows what the presentation is trying to say without a lot of words, either.

Although there are standard templates to use when creating a presentation, try not to use these as they can be boring. Use your own creativity when it comes to the layout of the slides and the font used with the words. The font used can say a lot about the presentation. Try to find a font that matches that tone of the information used. There are fonts that have an elegant touch while others have a playful style. Find something that is easy for the audience to read, but make sure it’s something that they will take seriously. Slides should breathe. This means there shouldn’t be a block of text on the slides. It’s alright to add bullet points, but a solid wall of text isn’t something that people want to look at for the duration of the presentation. Think big as bigger is often better. Make a statement with large letters and numbers. Combining these with pictures can often give a better presentation than smaller words on a screen with lots of information that can be hard to process. Bold is also better as you can accent information that you want to the audience to remember. A custom PowerPoint design is one that can sometimes make or break a meeting depending on the information used.