Jobs that Will Lost and Grow Until 2020

The impact of the era of digitalization and demographic bonuses will lead to the disappearance and emerging of new job opportunities.

To anticipate the loss of a number of jobs due to the development of information technology, it prepares a mapping regarding the sector of work that will grow and shrink the next 15 years.


The point of industry change as a result of the information technology revolution must be anticipated quickly because on the one hand create new job opportunities. But on the other hand also kills the old job.

The number of jobs that will increase in 2017-2020 include trainers, nurses, financial managers, lawyers, sales agents, analysts, physiological therapists, financial advisors, human resources, nurses, doctors, programmers and regular news services.

While a number of jobs are declining, namely administrative, mechanical, printing, mailman, driver, expedition officer, factory worker, operator, sewing machine, communication device and radio.

While in 2021-2025, related maintenance and installation work, mediation, medical, data analyst, information system manager, vocational counselor, environmental impact analyst will grow.

Instead, the jobs that will go down are receptionists, carpenters, three-dimensional designs, semiconductor processors, bank tellers, travel agents, fast-food cooks and machine operators.

Furthermore, for the period of 2026-2030, the types of jobs that will grow, namely designers, artificial intelligence programming, designers and machine automation controllers, software designers and online games. But the type of welder’s job, accountant staff, machine operators, truck drivers and engineers are getting knocked out.