Manage Your finances With 7 Application

tablert and smartphoneKeeping the financial budget remains balanced will make the business run well. However, if the financial management system earned, only bills that accumulate. Here are 7 applications that can help you in a financial management.

1. Expensify, free apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone (WP) offers a variety of features, ranging from SmartScan to take a picture and add it to the bill to Track Time spending categories to keep track of your income.

2. Check, a free app available for iOS and Android. This application is very useful because it can remind when a bill has to be paid, and include a minimum payment on credit card bills. You can connect a credit card with this application.

3. Dailybudgt, for US $ 1.99 app is available for iOS. This application is designed to help keep track of each daily expenses. This application can also give a warning if the expenditure has begun to exceed the limit.

4. Spending 2, a free app for iOS this track monthly expenses. You can start by entering the budget for one month and begin to divide spending into five categories. Eg for food, personal, transportation or other bills.

5. Dailycost 2, iOS app that was US $ 1.99 is very easy to use to keep track of monthly expenditures. Before you open the application, you can determine what day to start the week. Then, fill in the appropriate budget expenditures desired.

6. HBL Moneywise, free apps on iOS and Android is designed to balance the budget and track expenses. Not only that, the application is able to give a report. Interestingly, this application also gives daily tips which makes it feel more personal.

7. Dollarbird, free app for iOS and Android is an intuitive financial tracking application. This application menggungakan bualanan calendar format that is able to tell how much of your monthly expenses.