Marketing Strategy For Local Products To Can ‘Go International’

go internationalThe emergence of a variety of local products from various parts of the region, would be one of the real evidence to us all that the present state of growth of SMEs in Indonesia has showed considerable progress toward positive. Various kinds of products home and small industrial production results are now beginning to show the advantages of each, so that it is possible if local products made in Indonesia ready to enliven the SME market competition locally, nationally, and even to reach the international market.

To be able to lift the local products to reach a wider market, certainly business people throughout the area are required to be more active in building business networks, as well as improve the ability and creativity in developing a business, so that the products they produce really good quality and can successfully win market competition there.

Well, roughly what kind of marketing strategy needs to be put business people to introduce its products? Here we inform marketing strategy raised some local products that you may run to expand the market reach of your products.

1. Completing products with attractive packaging

To increase the sale value of local products, you can equip it with packaging products that look beautiful and attractive. This is important, because the first time the views of the consumer is a unique and attractive packaging so that they begin to wonder with such products and finally decided to buy merchandise that you offer. In addition, by packing your products exclusively, the added value offered by the higher and it is possible if the selling price of your product can be higher than similar products packaged usual. In this case, you can use plastic packaging bersablon, unique packaging boxes, or cans are quite interesting.

2. Develop a marketing network products for the modern market

The second step that you may run that develop marketing network so that local products can get into some of the modern market, such as a supermarket, minimarket, malls, and other shopping centers. For example, just as developing markets by taking the opportunities for cooperation offered Carrefour shopping center to local suppliers around Carrefour outlets. Usually modern market management will offer cooperation system of true sale, consignment (entrusted selling), or in the form of private label. Before entering into the modern market, of course, imposed a series of processes that are very stringent quality tests, ranging from the production process prior to product quality inspection on a regular basis and involve some independent analysts. The purpose of the investigation must have to maintain the quality of products offered to consumers.

3. Promote products through exhibitions

Besides beautify the appearance of the product and market it to the modern market, you can introduce local products to the general public through exhibition events organized by the government and private sectors. Through these promotional activities, you can get potential customers and expand opportunities for cooperation to increase sales turnover of local products. Some of the exhibitions that you can follow for example as exhibition expo area, exhibition of craft products, local culinary exhibitions, as well as several other SME exhibition that recently often held in major cities.

4. Open the SME product marketing outlets

In order to optimize the marketing of local products and accommodate all potential business generated, the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs start Mart launched the establishment of SMEs across the archipelago. This strategy can also be utilized to elevate locally produced. SMEs Mart is almost the same as the stalls, only commodity flagship of the local population. For example just like the government-run program Grobogan, Central Java, which is now set up agro-horticultural center to accommodate the vegetables and fruits produced by farmers Grobogan, and kiosk souvenirs typical of the region as a center Grobogan marketing local products include food products and drinks, handicraft, fashion, etc., so that the local product of Grobogan consumers increasingly recognized in both regional and national markets.