Moziah Bridges, CEO of Success Aged 12 Years

moziahNot all young people nowadays like to be spoiled by her parents. Moziah Bridges, for example, at the age of 12 years has been to pursue the world of entrepreneurship. At the same time, he was willing to reduce the time playing and doing homework from school.

Run business that he was not kidding. Its value is estimated at 150 thousand dollars.

He started his business at the age of 9 years with the guidance of his parents. Bridges were still a teenager it is now lead a team of 5 people. Not surprisingly, he and his business has a lot of media coverage. He has appeared on the TV show Shark Tank and was present in the magazine O belongs to Oprah Winfrey and Vogue.

“I like to wear a bow tie because it makes me feel confident and excited,” Bridges wrote in his official website. “Designing a colorful tie is part of my vision to make the world more fun and exciting.”

Even at a young age, children who have become fans of this fashion did not hesitate to dress stylish. At the age of 4 years, Bridges mengenakana a suit and tie whenever he came out and wanted to wear her own clothes.

His business is called “Mo’s Bows” born of his love on bowties and dissatisfaction over the choice of color dresses are available for children age on the market today. Which is no less bad is the selection of clothing sold to segment. He felt less satisfied when finding the ties were only used with clip, not tied to the manual. He was convinced that a real man should wear his tie, not the origin of life. Her grandmother taught her to sew by hand and using a sewing machine manually by using scrap to create accessories in the neck that he liked.

Within a few months, he has created a collection of children’s clothing with more than 2 dozen bowties. The friends and family fell in love with the work-karyanya.Bridges increase production, also showed off a bow tie more neat and classy of her grandmother’s vintage fabric in a collection of prints of flowers and shades of Africa, and even a taffeta gown.

The news was spread to many people and soon after that, Bridges received orders via Facebook and sell them all at Etsy Store. Along with rising demand, mother, grandmother, and other family members Bridges was helping manage the production and business processes in general.

Now every bowties still sewn itself although Bridges has begun to switch from vintage materials / long towards tweed and gingham, with satin and silk formal. His tie was still available at their online store itself, in crafts Etsy website and in various boutiques in sepenjuru Texas, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

When asked who became his idol, he said idolized Daymond John, who became his mentor since appearing in the Shark Tank.

As its success in business is not adequate, Bridges also a philanthropist. This summer, he donated 1600 dollars to send 10 children from his home in Memphis to Glenview Summer Camp.

In a post on his blog, Bridges wrote, “Memphis is considered the worst in the hunger problem children, the majority of children only eat when school is still open. At the community center, children get food and play time. Giving back to the community help me to be more humble. this activity also mebuat me smile because I saw another anak0anak smile and enjoy camp activities. ”

Is the next breakthrough of this one child entrepreneur? In a recent interview, Bridges says he wants to college and started a clothing business if later was aged 20.

He has set a goal citanya.Moziah Bridges have a happy life and multicolor with business success, charity, school activities and social balance and a positive goal in the future. Despite being a business at a young age, does not mean his childhood stretcher. In fact he was always in bed by 8.30pm precisely as do children his age