Ollie Forsyth, Rise of Victims of Bullying So Successful Entrepreneur

ollie_forsythOllie Forsyth is not a popular kid in school. He is not considered part of the social environment in which he daily study. Oppression and banter that he received from a disease he suffered from dyslexia. He was ostracized for being different by his friends. They consider Ollie nobodies and he can not be a successful person in life.

However, one of his friends. Teenagers from Northamptonshire, England is not simply accept the suppression of the surrounding. Ollie decided to emerge from the downturn by using the spirit of entrepreneurship.

To make it vibrant, Ollie imagine her future will be as prosperous and great entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, and incidentally also Branson is dyslexic child once. From Branson, Ollie also learned a lot and he is ready to change his way of life to a more positive direction.

Ollie does not just stop there. He was determined to prove to his friends who liked it that he could repress set up a business at the age of 13 years!

Ollie interest in entrepreneurship is not new. When still a child, the British teenager has been infected entrepreneurship. He grew up in an area that is economically prosperous enough so that he can freely explore the world he likes. Parents are taught how hard hopeless person should get the money. To do little jobs like brewing tea and coffee for parents, Ollie given 20 pence per cup and for heating back, he gets the same wage. Ollie also accustomed to do household chores like taking a walk with the dog and cut grass to get a weekly allowance.

However, it was just the appetizer course. Ollie entered more serious in entrepreneurship when he founded Ollie’s Shop, an online gift boutique that sells a variety of accessories bracelets, cuffs, belts and leather wallets and funny gift for teens and their parents. With the help kekluarga and friend, Ollie fulfill orders every day from home. In his house, Ollie store inventory, which he partly imported from China.

He said Ollie’s Shop successfully run the business since the first day of launch and keep going until now. Ollie collect profit to more than 2500 pounds, he claims, in just 6 months.

When realizing a profit that he obtained already relatively high, he decided to further maximize their business performance. He is proud to have never tasted loss.

Ollie tells that the oppression of her friends at school just because they were jealous of his success in business. He attended a prestigious private schools that accommodate children with learning difficulties.

At an early age, the young entrepreneur has learned a lot about how to get up at the time was not accepted by the environment by using the spirit of doing something more constructive and positive.

For children with the same problem, Ollie advised to ignore the oppressors and keep going forward. “Go ahead and ride!” He said. Better channel the anger and aggravation on achieving your dreams and help others in the face of similar problems. Of the problems of social oppression, Ollie also learn to sympathize. He took the time to volunteer activities that provide benefits for many people.

“I always wanted to help others and it’s not just for reasons of public relations, but it comes from the heart,” said the young men. Armed with a concern for others, Ollie plunge in the activities of bodies of volunteers such as the Children’s Hospice in East Anglia, The Soldiers’ Charity was initiated by the Army Benevolent Fund, and now he became an ambassador for England’s winner, a publication inspirational line that connects the reader with various charities. With his own money, Ollie helped establish a charity to help young entrepreneurs start their business while still attending school.

Now at the age of 16 years, Ollie has opened its online store second, Charmou. Its business was launched 4 months ago, and already represent about 23 brand new clothes and 250 products from around the world. For the next targets, Ollie unsparing want to embrace 365 brand until early 2015.

Ollie did not want to be complacent and always ambitious to become a millionaire at the age of 20 or in the 20s. “Or before I die,” he said