Protect Your Customers With Secure Shopping Carts

Shopping cart systems are a dime a dozen online but very few of them meet the stringent requirements necessary to be secure. Flimsy shopping cart security is a public relations nightmare for any online retailer. If you’re a small online retailer or a new retailer, a single security breach can be the end of your business altogether. Once customers hear that their payment information was compromised, they quickly find another retailer to do business with. That’s why sites like exist in the first place. They’re in the business of keeping your customer’s information safe and sound from hackers.

shopping cart

What they do

Good secure shopping cart programs give you web-based interfaces. You don’t need to download anything to manage the cart. You simple go to the website and login. From there, you can look at orders, reports, and consumer info. This is a simple interface that works best.

If there’s more than one employee in your firm, you want to look for a program that has sub-user accounts. This gives them access to shopping cart access, too. Consumer information is sensitive, so make sure that someone is only able to access shopping cart information with permission.

There are a lot of little ins and outs of shopping carts. For example, you need to have the ability to add coupon codes when you’re running a sale that will automatically calculate the worth of the coupon and then total the order. Order management is important, too. You want to make sure that every order is correct. Abandoned shopping cart information can be just as important as orders that are placed. If someone looks at your site, fills up a cart, and then doesn’t purchase, it’s still handy to have that customer’s information. Why did they fail to buy anything? Is there anything you can do to help them feel comfortable shopping at your store?

Most importantly, customer information must be encrypted and protected with a shopping cart program. Without that extra layer of protection, a security breach is possible and a public relations nightmare could spell the end of even the most successful of online enterprises. No one wants to shop at a place that doesn’t take every possible measure to protect customer information. By protecting your website visitors and customers with a secure shopping cart, you make it easier to manage your orders and consumer base and ultimately protect those valuable customers.