Recipe Networking Success

networking“It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Similarly, according to the old adage, and it is true, that in business, personal relationships are usually more important than specialized knowledge. Actually knowing the right people is the key to success – in the traditional understanding of the more important is the ‘recognize the right person’.

Think for a moment, those high flying hours have experienced various kinds of trials crisis of capitalism in the last 4 years. So far, they have had a relationship relationships with the right people – at least according to their minds. They have taken part in this formation. The problem is they become separated from most of us.

This is a challenge for actors networking. Of course, how a relationship, yes, but also about testing yourself against other people at all times, throw ideas, being still honest, in a very broad sense.

What is a networking and why we do it? In a business context, means that social interaction in order to achieve competitive advantage. This is not something new. In Asian societies, a tradition that apply when you do business with someone, you must first build social relationships, often accompanied by exchanging gifts.

The Anglo-Saxon, almost all of them, think they can conduct business transactions without further ado. And they who later realized the importance of networking at the end of half a century ago. Globalization has weakened the traditional cultural differences are and now we are all in a relationship with all there. But the remarkable thing related to people’s lives today is a very great ability for us to get in touch, either through Twitter, Facebook, video conference or whatever, we can still feel lonely. When you reach a level, you can choose who you want to talk, who are not included, and operates in a virtual way with a very broad. Networking You become very selective so it does not run properly.

The answer in my opinion is, you have to make an extra effort to keep in touch. Come out and see the world in every way. Use every available electronic media. Establish all relationships as much as you. But do not forget to talk to people you know. Everyone from anywhere. They have good ideas and can help you establish a good connection. More than that, they give the best evaluation of reality. If you want to see what would happen without evaluating the fact, just look at the banking business, which used to be always based on personal relationships, fundamentally. Whoever and wherever you operate, you can not borrow a certain amount of money without at some time face to face and shaking hands. In the past – and even now – more convincing physical interaction of both parties.

Now the financial transactions in large amounts can take place without any human interaction. In various aspects of this case is much better – everyday banking easier, faster and more efficiently. But certainly far from perfect. In my opinion, the daily banking transactions are not conducted in person again is not one of the main reasons why the bankers are looking for other ways to be more successful in obtaining the advantages, without any relationship to see the daily problems of ordinary people. Too many are starting to think about the ‘customer base’ without a mental picture of the customer as a human being – that they never even met. They think in the abstract, about the value of the shareholders, return on investment, productivity, efficiency and benchmarking. Then, when experiencing problems, they become increasingly obsessed with the company’s profits. They forget the human element. They did the right networking will always bring you in the middle of people. This ensures you can resolve the problem, find out what is desired by your customers, what can be done by your staff, what is enjoyed by people, what makes them the best.

So if there is a recipe for successful networking? Here are three important steps to make it happen:

1. Open all means of networking as much as you

This means taking part in any kind of social media, so you can maximize your connection. This means traveling to seek new markets, meet with potential new customers and exchange ideas with local experts. This means back to your office and chatted with staff, friends and family. And means opening yourself up to meet in a relaxed when present at conferences, social events or public places. But this is only the exploration phase, building relations.

2. Build relationships. How do you maximize the opportunity for networking?

A successful networker should be able to relax and to persuade others to do the same. You can not do that if it is too determined to sell something, or win an argument. Good to be an open, but being a cunning or the impression of force will make people become defensive. Respect the people, listen and give them the opportunity to express themselves. At the end, you can not pretend – you have to be honest open-minded, sincerely ready to listen and learn. Be patient and opportunities will surely come your way.

3. Follow up

Giving someone your business card will not persuade them to follow up. If you’ve seen any business opportunity, this is the time for you to take the initiative. Remember what they are interested in, and send them an email. Offer them something. Invite them to an event. If in doubt, inquire about them. Networking may be much more complicated than what used to be, but essentially depends on personal interaction and all that flows from here – courtesy, respect and most importantly, you want it, trust. If you try not to approach personally, you are just looking for problems.